The Brave: A book of memories

Marisa Koraus

Along with studying for finals, packing up our dorms, and searching for summer jobs, it is also nearing that time where we part with our campus and the people that it houses for summer vacation.
Although vacation time is warmly welcomed and much needed, there will be many times throughout the summer where we will all look back fondly on the people who made us smile, or the breathtaking view of the Sleeping Giant, or the strenuous classes that were endured.
Because these different memories will be haunting us throughout the summer, it is important to reminisce about our college experiences for the rest of our lives. In order to relive the good times at Quinnipiac, it is important to invest in a copy of The Brave, Quinnipiac’s yearbook.
Enclosed in this book are the social functions, organizations, and pictures of students who contributed to make up the Quinnipiac community for 2000-2001. In an interview with Lauren O’Leary, the underclassmen section editor, I inquired about the significance of The Brave.
“The Brave is important and in need of the students’ support because it is a representation of the entire school,” O’Leary said.
She went on to say that ” Although The Brave does a phenomenal job in trying to represent the school, there is a lack of school spirit on campus. Because The Brave tries to include every aspect and person on campus, it is important to get help and support from everyone. The Brave exists for everyone, not simply the select few who put in office hours in order to create the book.”
The Brave is not simply a book containing facts about the university. It encompasses its readers with so much more. For instance, within The Brave’s pages, one will find pages covering the underclassmen, seniors, student organizations, sports, academics, various school functions, emerging leaders, hall photos, and random candid pictures of the student body who are living their college lives.
The club that creates this yearbook does a fantastic job in gathering and displaying memories of the school year. All their work and effort is dedicated to the each and every member of the university.
They are creating, not simply a factual book, but a book full of memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.