Janet Reno: Life after the Clinton Administration

Jonathan Carlson

t’s been a few months since Janet Reno left her post as the most powerful law enforcement official in America. As the United States Attorney General under the Clinton administration, Reno left the top spot at the Justice Department this past January, a position she held for all eight years of Bill Clinton’s presidency.
Prior to addressing the Connecticut chapter of the Anti-Defamation League, I briefly interviewed Reno.
Carlson: How’s life after being Attorney General?
Reno: Wonderful. I’ve been [at home] planting, cutting wood, reading, seeing
old friends.
Carlson: I hear you’re an avid kyacker?
Reno: Yes, I’ve been practicing my Eskimo roll! (Reno, a true outdoorsman, has said in the past she plans to buy a red pick-up truck and take a cross-country road-trip to see America, the nation she helped govern.)
Carlson: Which is better; being Attorney General or private citizen?
Reno: I have had wonderful opportunities in the job and out of it. I now look forward to the next adventure.
Carlson: It’s hard to forget [Waco, Elian Gonzales, Oklahoma City]. How did you get through those trying times?
Reno: I read (inspirational) quotes by [President] Lincoln
Carlson: What will you remember most from your experiences?
Reno: The people. So many people from so many different events. I have a much more profound respect for the American people.
Carlson: Any parting words?
Reno: The last eight years have been the most wonderful opportunity a lawyer could ever have.