What should America do with Bush?

Kristen Daley

Well, it’s about that time now. George Dub has had his 100 days by now, and it’s time for a little midterm evaluation. It’s already a quarter of the way into the year, so 2001 has some sort of direction.
The year hasn’t gone that well so far. What exactly has George W. Bush done? Well, he hasn’t learned how to handle public relations. I’m sure that there’s better ways to handle an impending oil crisis than what he’s done. Drilling in an Alaskan wildlife preserve is not going to be the most agreeable way to find more oil domestically. But Bush’s handling of it is just moronic.
When I say “Bush’s handling,” I mean how the Bush administration is handling things. Now, since the administration is doing all the actual work, time to take a look at their efforts.
One of the most glaring problems is how they’ve handled the plane crash in China. I may not be the best at devising foreign policy, but I’ve got an idea on how to handle this incident. I’ll even put it into nice, simple words even the semi-trained monkey in the Oval Office can understand.
We were SPYING on China.Our plane HIT one of theirs. Our spy plane, one of the most advanced in the world, is stuck on a Chinese island.
Like I said, I’m not exactly a master of foreign policy. But isn’t it just polite to apologize? I mean, it doesn’t have to be anything more complicated than a “My bad.” But I guess that’s too much to ask from this administration.
George, it’s time to step in. Even you can see where the problems are here. Maybe it’s time to start a war with China. Only problem is, why? The United States is trying to work with China. China is due to enter the WTO so they can send representatives to meetings and have bottles thrown at them. A war is not the best way to endear yourselves to a potential ally or threat.
But maybe George Dub thinks that since his dad got him elected, he can do exactly what his father did in office. I mean, look at their foreign policies. A war’s always good for the country, right, George? If anything, this near-war might help the economy by cranking up defense production. That might save the Connecticut economy, which is, not in any trouble.
But regardless, maybe it was good for Bush that a certain ex-President was in the news for so long. It took the spotlight off of an obviously incompetent administration.