U2: Going strong since 1976

Picture it:
1976 – Feedback is formed in Dublin, after Larry Mullen Jr. posts a note looking for band members in his high school. Dik and Dave Evans, Adam Clayton and Paul Hewson answered his post, and the birth of U2 began.
Eighteen months later, Feedback decided to change their name to The Hype. While touring all over Ireland, and trying to eek out a musical career, they finally win studio time in 1978, followed by yet another change in name to U2 a month later.
By 1980, U2 was receiving a lot of publicity in Ireland, and began playing bigger venues than they ever had before. Soon being aired on the Late Late Show, Ireland’s leading national talk show, U2 released their first album “Boy” in October (1980), after signing a contract with Island records a few months before.
Touring still in Ireland and all over Europe, U2 hit the US by storm. “Boy” began climbing on the Billboard, and in 1983, “War” was released. Becoming one of U2’s most acclaimed albums, “War” helped to symbolize and create U2’s unique image and musical ingenuity.
Following “War” came the “Unforgettable Fire” in 1984, featuring the song “Pride”; “The Joshua Tree” in 1987 featuring “Where the Streets Have No Name,” and “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”; and “Rattle and Hum” in 1988. Topping charts all over Europe and the US, U2 were becoming rock icons.
“Acting Baby” came several years later in 1991, and was regarded as one of U2’s most re-inventive and sonic albums to date. After the release of “Zooropa” in 1993, the band decided to take a couple of years off before the 1997 release of “Pop,” which featured “Staring at the Sun,” and “Discotheque.”
2000 – the release of “All That You Can’t Leave Behind”, featuring “Beautiful Day” and “Elevation”; proving once again that U2 never quits, originality and ability to write music to cater what they deem important and viable is still the group’s number one priority.
Making their mark on music history as being one of the greatest bands ever, U2 stands to show that greatness, success and influential prowess can be achieved through dedication, passion and drive. Being such a pervasive influence on rock today, U2 is seen as legends whose music will be forever.