Comedian Wayne Brady to present ‘The Wayne Brady Show’ on May Weekend

Kristen Daley

Wayne Brady does not consider himself a stand-up comedian. However, he will soon be standing up in front of Quinnipiac students, delivering comedy that will likely leave the audience falling out of their chairs laughing.
Brady, from ABC’s “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” will be appearing in Quinnipiac University’s Burt Kahn Gymnasium on Friday, April 27, 2001. “The Wayne Brady Show” will begin at 10 p.m.
“Whose Line Is It Anyway” has brought Brady national fame. The show is made up of several improv comedy skits. On the show, Brady works along side comedians such as Drew Carey and Ryan Stiles.
Comedy is a far cry from what Brady had pictured himself doing as an adult. At the age of 16, Brady had aspirations for a career in the military.
However, a chance to perform in a play at his high school in Florida would change his destiny. His performance in that high school play got him the recognition that would change his life forever.
In the central Florida theater community, Brady began performing regularly. His early acting experiences included performances in “A Chorus Line” and “Jesus Christ Superstar.”
Along with a superb acting ability, Brady also has an incredible singing voice. It is not surprising that he performed in well-known musicals at a young age, and that he is used for nearly all of the singing skits on “Whose Line Is It Anyway.”
Brady also has a number of television credits, including early appearances in “I’ll Fly Away,” and “Night Court.” Most recently, Brady had a role in ABC’s television musical “Gepetto,” alongside Drew Carey.
Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, and Whoopi Goldberg are the comedians that Brady cites as his inspirations. His musical inspirations include musical film stars like Gene Kelly and Sammy Davis Jr.
The inspiration from these veterans is definitely recognizable, as Wayne Brady can be considered as one of the top comedians in this country today. Quinnipiac students will have the chance to see for themselves on April 27.
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