Survey of Quinnipiac community finds the environment needs help

Adrienne Fernandez

Approximately three weeks ago, I conducted a survey of 125 Quinnipiac students and faculty members in an attempt to get a sense of how they felt about recycling and pollution on campus.
Of those surveyed, 53.6 percent believe that the campus is very clean while 44.8 percent believe the campus is moderately clean. However, just because slightly more than half of all surveyed believe that the campus is very clean, it does not mean that there is not still an underlying problem that needs to be addressed.
People take for granted all that is provided to them by the Earth. They tend to think that just because they are one person, they cannot make a difference. However, this is not the case.
Alone, the fight against pollution may seem hopeless, but if people work together a solution may be more attainable than we think.
Of the 90.4 peercent that are disgusted by the sight of trash on the ground and or in the water, 55.2 percent admitted to polluting.
It amazes me that it is possible for someone to say, “yes I hate to see trash on the ground,” and then turn around and admit that they do indeed contribute to the litter on the ground. One student actually went so far as to say that she always tosses trash out her car window.
It cannot be argued that our facility’s department does do an impeccable job of maintaining a clean campus.
Jim Grimord, an adjunct of the English department, said, “I believe the grounds crews and maintenance staff do a terrific job of keeping the campus clean and safe.”
Nevertheless, we as students cannot expect them to clean up after us like maids. We are all adults and should therefore be respectful of our surroundings.
John Rian, a computer information systems major, put it best when he said, “Quinnipiac as a whole has to do their part to keep the campus clean. It is not just facilities job but our own as students. If we are going to do things and make a mess we should be responsible enough to clean up after ourselves.”
However, of those surveyed, 36 percent of the students believe that it is the school’s (facilities) responsibility for keeping the campus clean.
This mindset must be changed and the Quinnipiac community must take the initiative. If we are ever to see a change in the future, we must start by making a change in the present.
The easiest place to start is with recycling. According to the survey results, only 11.2 percent of those surveyed said that they always recycle.
When asked for their opinion of Quinnipiac’s treatment towards the environment and whether they do enough to protect their surroundings, I received a variety of responses.
For those who took Quinnipiac’s side, the shared view was that Quinnipiac does its best to promote recycling, and that it is the students who trash the place.
While those who feel Quinnipiac does not do enough, share the idea that not enough emphasis is put on promoting recycling. Some replied that they may have the bins, but question whether the school really does recycle.
A shared suggestion for those who think Quinnipiac does not do enough is that more bins should be placed out in high traffic areas.It was also suggested that more signs be posted to promote the importance of recycling.
However, there are some students that feel there are more important issues that need to be dealt with.
Peter Oneppo, senior computer information systems major said, “Quinnipiac needs to defeat its other demons first. Although this is an important topic, the other issues should come first.”
Still, recycling is an important part of keeping our campus and our planet clean. If people stop polluting and start recycling then there may still be hope.
They say the lessons you learn in college are the ones you take with you for life. Let caring for the environment and being respectful of your surroundings be one of them.
Those who are interested in learning more can join TREE (Teaching and Reaching Environmental Education) on Earth Day 2001, April 22, in the Quad from 11-3 p.m. Come learn more about the environment and enjoy good food an