Fortunato: Hockey player turned student president

Being involved with Intramural softball, the Board of Trustees, the school ring committee, having a radio show on Quinnipiac’s WQAQ, and being an orientation leader, where does Thomas Fortunato has the time in his schedule to be the Student Government Association (SGA) President elect?
“I didn’t do much in high school and so I didn’t want to waste these four years of college and spend my parents’ money just going to class. I wanted to help other students out in any way possible,” said Fortunato, a mass communications major.
Fortunato had the youthful ambition to become a hockey player. He uses the same amount of energy he had on his high school traveling hockey team in Brooklyn, NY, and has reemphasized it in his involvement in SGA. His plans for next year deal not only with Quinnipiac students and administration, but reaching out into the Hamden community.
“I would like to put together a town committee where the students and the residents of Hamden can discuss problems,” said Fortunato. Hopefully, these meetings will help Quinnipiac students have an easier time obtaining off-campus housing for their junior and senior years, a difficulty that plagues current students.
Fortunato also hopes to establish a luncheon once a month to address student concerns. Student leaders would be picked out of a hat and be able to meet with President Lahey to voice their concerns and discuss problems that effect students on and off campus.
With such motivated goals, one may begin to wonder if working with SGA is something that has influenced Fortunato’s plans for a career.
“It is definitely a possibility. Back at home one of my mother’s friends wants me to join the school board. It might be something I do right when I finish college. But it all determines on where my heart’s desire takes me,” Fortunato said.
Fortunato is extremely excited for his role as president of next year’s SGA. Being elected by fellow peers and professors illustrated that they had great trust in him.
“When they announced my name I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I had been stressed out for three days before, wondering if I would win. I feel overwhelmed by their decision to let me guide them, yet at the same time a little nervous. But I am up for the challenge,” he said.
Thomas Fortunato is not wasting his four years at Quinnipiac University. Instead, he is filling them with ideas and establishments that will undeniably benefit the school. And he doesn’t take all the credit. He would like to thank everyone who has supported him and everyone who voted for him.
Most importantly though he would like to thank his parents and the rest of his family and friends back home for all the support that they have given him throughout his three years here at Quinnipiac.