QU’s first study abroad fair attracts many students

Students milled around dozens of tables promoting study abroad programs as Dr. Regine Lambrech looked on. Lambrech organized Quinnipiac’s first Study Abroad Fair held on April 10, to give students an opportunity to research all the available options concerning studying in a foreign country.
“It’s been wonderful,” said Lambrech. “There has been a good student turnout.”
The fair, which was held in Alumni Hall, showcased 38 exhibitors from various businesses and universities, each with something different to offer. Lambrech said that the most popular countries to visit seemed to be Australia, England, Italy and Spain.
Currently, Quinnipiac has 35 students abroad and is planning on another 70 students to study abroad this summer. There were 19 students who studied in foreign countries in the fall ’00 semester. Lambrech said the number of students who wish to study abroad has greatly increased since she took her job last July.
“Studying abroad is a way to see your subject taught in another country,” said Lambrech. “It is a way to challenge yourself in another culture, to increase maturity, to see how other people live and to have an opportunity to travel.”
Tom Lyman, the Northeast Coordinator of the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS), said that a person does not have to be fluent in another language to take advantage of the available services. Students who do not speak the language of the country in which they are studying can be placed in an American school in a non-English speaking country.
“Students of various language backgrounds can study abroad,” said Lyman. “We have a scholarship program, a summer program and an internship program. We pride ourselves on a high level of success.”
Meredith Dix, a freshman physician’s assistant major, is planning on studying abroad her junior year.
“I’m definitely going,” she said. “I’m going to either Australia, Spain or Africa.
Dix was impressed with the number of programs at the fair and how much information they had to offer.
“They let you know what you can get from it and what is offered,” said Dix.
Quinnipiac offers a wide range of programs that can place students in countries from England to Japan, and several places in between. Students who want to learn more about studying abroad can contact Dr. Lambrech at 582- 5215.