Who’s on top?

Sarah Rosenberg

In the world of celebrities, television idols, and actresses-turned-fashion designers, a sense of style is undeniably part of the package. The celebrities we look up to are no longer just faces on a magazine–they are models of their own distinct fashion sense. They set trends on both the red carpet and the street, where they are photographed on a daily basis. No one is without a fashion idol these days, simply because we are bombarded with the idea that our favorite celebrities are now becoming our favorite fashion icons. In my eyes, women like Sarah Jessica Parker have always been the epitome of this idea. But Lauren Conrad, Blake Lively and Hayley Williams of Paramore have made it onto my burgeoning list.

Honestly, Sarah Jessica Parker is a self-explanatory candidate for my favorite fashion icon. I constantly rave about her in other articles, usually justifying her alter-ego, Carrie Bradshaw, as an equally devoted trendsetter. She has been a classic, timeless beauty ever since the show premiered when she pranced around in that pink tulle ballerina skirt. The release of “Sex and the City 2” gave her another chance to be in the spotlight and present just how daring she dresses, even as she gets older. At the London premiere of the film, she rocked a classic black Alexander McQueen dress that not only showed off her amazing body, but the addition of her amazing headpiece as well. No, this was not a jeweled headband or a demure flower hair pin. It was a straight-up Lady Gaga-like piece featuring a sky-high cloud of tulle with diamond accents interspersed throughout the material. Imagine a fancy black thought bubble permanently attached to her head, only more glamorous. To me, she is the elder Lady Gaga at times, just a little more laid-back and a little less outrageous. Until her last walk down that red carpet, Parker will forever reign supreme in my fashion repertoire.

Climbing up the fashion ladder (thanks to MTV reality fame) is Lauren Conrad. Many of my friends absolutely adore her – she’s young, hip, and is in tune with what young girls today prefer to wear. She is so popular, she even has a website dedicated to her accomplishments in the fashion industry that emphasize her personal style. Her favorite looks right now include Chanel’s classic quilted handbags, one-shoulder minidresses, brown suede pumps, and motorcycle leather jackets. She keeps a style blog for her cult followers, where information like this is abundant. You can also find a Lauren Conrad line at Kohl’s featuring stellar minidresses, lace tank tops, cardigans and tapered pants. Also soon to be released is her book of fashion, “Lauren Conrad Style.” She is quickly becoming a fashion powerhouse, supported by devoted consumers around the country.

Another blonde bombshell that has made it onto my list is Blake Lively, most famous for her roles on “Gossip Girl” and “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” movies. Lively, who is one of the most gorgeous celebrities on the map, is the girl you love to hate because she can pretty much wear anything. In fashion, versatility is extremely important and she attains just that. She is the champion of the minidress, always showing off her long legs in sequined numbers and classic black rompers. She dazzles in everything from hot pink strapless getups to bohemian-inspired gowns. She has the ability to dress up denim and make business attire chic.

Lastly, Hayley Williams is taking over the music scene with her crazy mop of red-orange hair and her twist on the stereotypical “punk” look. A few years back, Avril Lavigne created fashion frenzy by wearing men’s ties, Converse sneakers, wifebeater tank tops, and baggy boyfriend jeans. Now, the lead singer of Paramore is modernizing the punk look that Lavigne made famous. Skinny black jeans, black fishnet tights, graphic T-shirts, short spandex skirts, leopard print tops, studded belts, plaid scarves and chunky black heels are just a few representatives of the classic-punk theme she expresses on stage, in photos and at awards ceremonies.