Unexpected death shocks QU

Karen Grennan

Junior marketing major Matthew Oliveri, of 4121 Avalon, North Haven, died on Friday, March 30.
Oliveri’s two roomates had placed a 911 call at 8:15 a.m. Friday morning for an “unresponsive male,” said Lietuenant Mulroy of the North Haven Police Department.
“Personnel responded in reference to this medical emergency,” Mulroy said. “Personnel worked on him for a short time, and then Oliveri was transported to Yale-New Haven Hospital. He was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival. It was an untimely death incident.”
According to the New Haven Register, police Captain Thomas McLoughlin said, “There was some indication (Oliveri) was drinking pretty heavily (Thursday night at his apartment), and that could have been a contributing factor. But, it’s premature to jump to that conclusion.”
“An autopsy was scheduled for this past weekend,” said Mulroy. “But there are no results yet.”
A staff member at the Medical Examiners Office in Farmington said that the autopsy results are pending, and won’t be available for six to eight weeks.
John Morgan, Director of Public Relations said there are plans for a memorial service which will be put together by Student Affairs. Student Affairs will make an announcement when the final details are completed.
Manuel C. Carreiro, Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs, addressed the Quinnipiac community through a mass e-mail informing students and faculty of the funeral arrangements, if anyone wished to attend.
He also reminded students that counseling is available at the Counseling Office, ext. 8680. They may also contact student affairs for more assistance, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Counselors are also on call at the Student Health Center, as well as Resident Assistants.
This tragic accident occurred around the same time that S.A.D.D. and other Quinnipiac organizations were sponsoring “La La No Booza,” a program geared towards convincing students that there are other ways to have fun instead of drinking.
Students around campus are very upset about the news of their fellow student. “I think it’s very sad that it happened. He was really young and it was such a tragedy,” Amanda Nevils, a junior mass communications major said.
Julie Oliveira, a junior marketing minor said, “It was shocking news to hear that someone from our class died in that way. Hopefully with news of seniors being off campus next year and not having supervision, this isn’t the first of many accidents.”
“I got a call from Residential Life so I could be there for anyone who knew him. While I didn’t know him, I had chills all over my body from the news,” Angie Redcay, Residential Assistant in the Village said.
With additional reporting by Rebecca Tokarz.