Two Students Crash on New Road

Karen Grennan

Patrick Carroll, and Robert Carosella, both senior mass communications majors, crashed their car into a tree on New Road, Thursday, March 29 at 2:13 a.m.
Carroll was driving a silver 1998 Acura Integra while Carosella occupied the passenger seat. The Hamden Police said there was no indication of alcohol relating to the accident.
“The last thing I remember was hearing the tires screeching,” Carosella said. “The next thing I knew, I was in the hospital. I felt relatively normal, so I knew I was ok.”
Though John Morgan, Director of Public Relations, said, “Quinnipiac does not have much information, since the car accident happened on a town road,” Quinnipiac Security were the first to respond to the crash.
Chief of Security John Twining said, “Security responded to the emergency, and assisted in handling the emergency with Hamden Police, EMS and the Fire Department.”
Carroll was taken to Saint Raphael’s Hospital, where he was treated for rib injuries, two broken vertebrae, a compound leg fracture and a puncture wound. Carosella was taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital, where he was treated for head injuries.
Carosella suffered less injuries than Carroll. He was discharged on Friday, March 30 according to Katie Krauss, Associate Director of Yale-New Haven Hospital, and is currently back at school attending classes.
Carroll has a long road of rest and rehabilitation ahead of him. “Carroll is doing ok. He’s in stable condition,” a nurse at St.Rapheal’s said.
“Pat was in ICU first,” said Carosella. “Now he’s in a regular room. He needs time to recover, but he is in good spirits.”
Friends and classmates learned of the crash sometime Thursday morning. Many were upset and worried about the two students.
According to one senior, Mass Communications major will greatly miss Carroll’s generosity, during his time of recuperation.
“He [Pat] is truly an awesome kid and will be sadly missed on campus, especially because he let’s me use his meal card at the cafeteria,” said Geoff Rabb.
It remains to be seen if Carroll will finish out the school year.