The Clinton controversy: Chapter 569

At first, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Senate campaign seemed custom-made for talk show monologues. It provided millions of comics with the easiest jokes since Pee Wee Herman’s arrest for indecent exposure. However, now that she’s actually been elected, she has to stand out on her own.
This normally wouldn’t be a problem, since she’s been trying to do that since Bill got elected in 1992. At this point, maybe she should just hide in the shadows.
Ever since she was sworn in to a cozy six-year term in the Senate this past January, Clinton can’t seem to stay away from the lingering controversies that have followed her. Talk radio vilifies her as being completely heartless and lying under oath without a second thought. But that’s just opinion, right?
Her name has been popping up in the news since starting as Senator, and almost none of it is good. Public interest law firm Judicial Watch, is currently pursuing eight individual lawsuits against Clinton and wants to have her deposed for her involvement in releasing government files to destroy the character of Kathleen Schwicker.
Schwicker is one of a long line of women to accuse Bill Clinton of fondling her, and appropriately, is one of a long line of women to sue Bill for his actions. Her lawsuit also names Hillary, presidential advisor James Carville, seven other individuals, Williams & Connelly, the FBI, and the Executive Office of the President. She is seeking unspecified damages.
In other Hillary news, she is also being implicated in various bribery scandals involving a slew of Bill’s last-minute pardons. Hillary’s brother, Hugh Rodham, reportedly secured almost $400,000 in exchange for pardons for two of his clients. Shortly after this news broke, Hillary’s Senate campaign treasurer was also implicated in this scandal.
Since these scandals broke, Hillary has understandably tried to distance herself from anyone involved. However, at this rate, she will be lucky to still be a Senator in 2004, nevermind running for higher offices.