Make your way to the theater to see ‘The Wedding Planner’ before it is too late


Jennifer Lopez is Mary Fiore, one of the most illustrious wedding planners in San Francisco. Despite her career devoted to romance and marital bliss, her real life has anything but. She is so busy planning marriages for others that she has no time for a love life of her own.
When her Gucci pump is caught in a sewer and defective dumpster wheels in her direction, Dr. Steve Edison, played by Matthew McConaughy, saves her. The two later develop their chemistry over the course of a date in which they watch an old movie, dance and almost kiss.
Mary feels as if she has finally met the man of her dreams, but coincidentally, Dr. Steve is also the groom in the next wedding she is planning. Mary’s superior rule, to never become emotionally involved with a client, has been broken. She has fallen hopelessly in love with the groom.
The planning of the wedding continues and the bride Fran Donolly, played by Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, takes a business trip. She conveniently leaves Mary and Steve to finish the wedding plans, unsuspecting of their attraction.
Throughout the course of Fran’s absence, the two finally confirm their feelings for one another. The ending is a hectic scene very similar to the ending in “My Best Friend’s Wedding.”
Yes, this movie is predictable and over the top at times. How often do dumpsters attack people? Who would leave their groom with the beautiful Jennifer Lopez and not suspect anything? Despite these criticisms, overall, I loved it.
Lopez and McConaughy are an unlikely match, but they had great chemistry on screen. I found both of them charming.
If you like romantic comedies, “The Wedding Planner” is a winner. Hint to all of the guys, this is a true date movie. What girl doesn’t love a wedding?