Meet Laura Bush: The New First Lady

Were you paying attention during the time between Election Day and the Presidential Inauguration?
If you were, did you get a good look at U.S. First Lady Laura Bush? Compared to her predecessor, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bush is going to be practically invisible.
Unlike Senator Clinton, Bush is more of a throwback to earlier first ladies. She made her living as a teacher in various public schools in Dallas, Houston and Austin, Texas from 1968 to 1977.
Bush earned her bachelor’s degree in education from Southern Methodist University and added a master’s degree in library science from the University of Texas in Austin. She has also served as a librarian.
As far as her politics go, Bush keeps them mostly out of the public eye. She supports various public initiatives, such as breast cancer awareness. However, her big issue is education. Dating back to her days as first lady of Texas, Bush has pushed for literacy before children enter school.
Some of the programs she supported include the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, and in 1996, the Texas Book Festival, a fund-raiser for Texas area public libraries. Bush also serves on several boards, including the Reading is Fundamental Advisory Council and the Information Science Foundation Advisory Council.
However, aside from these contributions to public life, that is just about all that the public will see of Laura Bush. She does not give many interview. She prefers to speak about literacy and books than politics.
Bush considers herself lucky to have former first lady Barbara Bush as a mother-in-law, recounting in one interview about how the elder Bush told her to be the first candidate’s wife to speak at a debate. Aside from this, the public will the most from George W. as far as the White House goes.