Concert Alumni Angry Salad returns

Kristen Daley

Tomorrow night, the Hill-Village-Complex staff will bring quite a bit of green to Quinnipiac University. It’s way too early to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, so the staff found the next best thing, Angry Salad and Green Inside.
Angry Salad are Quinnipiac concert alums who opened for Sugar Ray in 1999 in the Burt Kahn gymnasium. They are returning to Quinnipiac. This time, they will be performing in Alumni Hall. Special guest band, Green Inside, will open the show, which will be held tomorrow at 8 p.m. Admission will only cost one can of food or a one dollar donation.
Angry Salad, made up of Bob Whelan on vocals and guitar, Hale Pulsifer on drums, Brian Holland on bass and Alex Grossi on guitar. The band was started in 1993 at Brown University by Whelan and Pulsifer. They won the Providence, Rhode Island WBRU Rock Hunt, beating out 200 other bands from New England. Because of this, they decided to take their act on the road.
The band, who got their unusual name from the late Freddie Mercury of Queen, toured constantly and garnered a huge national following. In 1995, they were joined by Vesco and Grossi. The four released their first album, “The Guinea Pig EP.”
The band did not have a label to work under at the time of the release of their first album. However, their talent still brought them to the CMJ Top 200 chart, with a hang time of six weeks. Sales for their record were also successful, earning them nominations for Best Debut Album at the Boston Music Awards.
In 1998, Angry Salad began recording their new album. They planned to call the album, “Bizzare Gardening Accident.” However, by the time of its release, the group had been signed by The Blackbird Recording label (a label which is affiliated with The Atlantic Group) It was simply named “Angry Salad.”
The name of the new album could not be more appropriate. What you get on “Angry Salad” is the true essence of the band. Their first hit off the album, “The Milkshake Song,” captures the fun and upbeat personality and sound of the band. According to Billboard Magazine, with the single the band “snags the listener with a barbed chorus hook and pulls.”
Angry Salad gets a bit more serious on their most recent single “Rico,” which has gotten airplay on local rock station Radio 104. With a slower, more solemn beat, the song shows the true overall talent of the band.
The band is not currently embarking on a major tour, as they are spending time writing and recording another album. However, they are taking part in special performances, one of which is right here at Quinnipiac. Make your way down to Alumni Hall tomorrow night for a show you won’t soon forget.