Performers from Dancing Wheels go beyond their disabilities

Have you wondered how disabled individuals physically express themselves if they are confined to a wheelchair? On Friday, February 23, Dancing Wheels performed their routines relaying an important message – allow the same opportunities to everyone, handicapped or not.
This lecture/performance, sponsored by SOTA, was outstanding! After the first routine, the dancers explained their techniques. While training, the sit-down dancers attempt to imitate with a wheelchair the move of the stand-up dancer. For example, if the stand-up dancer spins in the air, the sit-down dancer spins in the wheelchair.
These dancers go through intense training prior to performing. Dancing Wheels had various types of impaired dancers. Blind dancers learn through the feel of movement, while deaf performers feel the vibration of music on a special floor.
Regardless of the handicap, Dancing Wheels provides many individuals with an opportunity to express themselves.