The Burrheads takes music to the masses

The Burrheads have been together for nearly two and a half years as a full band and released their first compact disc a few months back.
The album, “Merry Go Nigel,” is a seven track recording which was featured during their set at “The Alternative,” presented by The Chronicle.
Volpe on the guitar along with Parker Dynamite, lead vocals, Bill Horne, bass guitar and Bob Roogie-A-Goosh-Boosh-Machiney on the drums, make up the Burrheads.
The band is “definitely straight up heavy metal with a twist,” said Volpe. A few covers and an outrageous stage show satisfied all in attendance.
“Most people don’t like heavy metal music,” Volpe noted, but their use of props and costumes won the doubting Thomas’ over. “We would like the crowd to focus more on our music, we don’t want them watching us and not listening,” said Volpe. However, he realized that, “it is about entertaining people.”
The Burrheads root themselves in the music of Pantera, the Deftones, Mr. Bungle, Slayer and Gwar.
Their combination is taken to very well by listeners as they had one of the largest turnouts for their coffee house concert last season, and placed second at the battle of the bands last year.
They plan to take their music to the masses by “playing as many shows as possible,” according to Volpe.