82 Dragons’ message to fans

Who are the 82 Dragons? The answers to this question is rather simple my friends. This up and coming group consists of three suave fellows that have paid their dues and on the streets and know what its like when the chips are down.
The first member and tickler of the ivories on the 82 Yamaha keyboard, (that’s where the 82 in the name comes from), is that ghetto superstar, P.O. Box.
Next on the list, and self-proclaimed ladies man, is Superstar. His influence consists of Everlast, James Brown, and Liberace, and this you can see in his wardrobe.
Last, but not least, is Research, animal activist and let’s face it, he’s just an animal. Together, these childhood chums make up the super group 82 Dragons.
Why haven’t you heard of them? Well that one is easy too. They have been touring Europe since they started and have only played a few selected clubs in and around New York City.
After all, they are banned from all American Legions in the nation because of their outspoken views on dragon slaying (these views state that dragon slaying is ok every third Tuesday in months when Howard Stern in on vacation in Bermuda).
Also, they are banned from funerals, and each of the 82 Dragons agree that they should be.
The Quinnipiac Chronicle show marks their return to the United States and they hope to make it a big one.
Finally, the band has a message for all its fans and the wannabes, “82 Dragons is hard to define musically. We do it all. Rap, funk, soul, balgamation, rock, folk….you name we do it. Just keep it real and live like an eel.” – The Dragons.