My five fashion favorites are classics

Sarah Rosenberg

While thinking of an appropriate topic for this week’s article, I realized something interesting: I hardly let my readers know what’s in my closet these days. Believe me there is plenty, but there are a few pieces that are more noticeable when perusing through my armoire. My tastes are constantly changing and I often come across looks that are totally old news, but that I covet nonetheless.

My top five fashion favorites of the moment are classic, or what I think will always be classic to me. My first wardrobe staple is any product from Longchamp. The Le Pliage line, which is the most affordable, has found its way into my massive collection of handbags and purses. However, this particular line wins me over each year. The basic nylon bags, with the brown leather accents and straps, come in every color imaginable. I am not one to wear anything bright or flashy, unless I am using one of these bags. They are the most durable accessory on the planet—they have faced train rides, New Haven nightclubs, and long hauls in the city. Over the years I have garnered a bright red clutch for nighttime affairs, a large mustard yellow shoulder bag for class, and a medium navy blue number that I first purchased in high school. Longchamp is always first to remind me of product loyalty and what that means. It’s a worthy investment.

A few months ago, I was stopped by a friend who commented on my necklace. It was comprised of a gold chain, with tiny green stones scattered up and down the chain, meeting up to a large emerald stone accented with gold wire wrapping. She told me it was “earthy” (which, by the way, is a great way to describe my personal style). This necklace, despite its appearance, cost me no more than $10. This gem came from one of New Haven’s most unique shops. Accompanied by Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and J. Crew, Laila Rowe is one of my favorite places to shop in that area. It’s small, but sells handbags, umbrellas, boots, scarves and an enormous collection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. Laila Rowe goes beyond your average silver and gold, and I always find myself leaning toward its simpler collections of beads and stones. In New York City, Anna Belen is a similar boutique, selling costume jewelry that is still affordable. Her line is a bit more detailed than Laila Rowe, with more extravagant pieces. Almost every day I wear a sheen, pearl-white flower with an embellished center on a gold chain from an Anna Belen shop in Manhattan.

Among my Ugg boots, gladiator wedges, and bright yellow Converse sneakers are the shoes that have never once let me down: my moccasins. I know it sounds strange to say that I can wear a pair of tan-colored moccasins with any outfit, but it’s true. Not only are they the most comfortable shoes I own, but they’re also the most versatile. If you can own a pair of shoes that match virtually every color and go with jeans and skirts, get your wallet out and stock up. My nude-colored Minnetonka moccasins have been my most reliable show for almost two years, and even though they’re beat up, worn out, and not exactly tan any more, they still manage to stay fashionably-forward on my feet.

By now I am sure my habit of dressing like a hipster couldn’t be any more apparent, but alas, my most recent fashion favorite has become tie-dye. Naturally, I have the shirt that you dip, twist, and wring yourself. However, some of the best fashion retailers are selling tie-dyed items that don’t play into the stereotypical 1970s Woodstock-loving “hippie.” I just recently bought a blue, black, and white tie-dye shirt from Forever 21 that has lace detail in the back and feels like butter. It’s perfection in a shirt, yet it is tie-dye. It doesn’t always have to be a mix of hot pink, yellow, orange and green. Neutral and muted colors like brown, black, and blue can help keep tie-dye classy.

Lastly, I have become a huge fan of printed bandeaus. The bandeau has been all the rage for a while now, but I have been ignoring the basic black and white numbers for those with crazy prints and designs. Due to the fact that I’m the type of girl who shies away from anything wild or colorful, bandeaus make me feel like I’m taking some chances when it comes to my fashion choices. Bandeaus with black and pink roses, gray and black leopard print, and a neon orange pop of color have been reliable when wearing sheer or low-cut tops. When I don’t have the right necklace to add to a plain top, bandeaus can be a lifesaver.