7 things new to QU this year

Mary-Catherine Dolan

Fall semester always brings with it all things new. New room assignments or housing, new roommates, new classes and new professors. But returning for their Fall 2010 semester, Quinnipiac students were greeted with more than just the standard semester changes. The university went through several major upgrades and aesthetic changes over the summer.

The Rocky Top Student Center: The brand new student center for the residents living at York Hill opened the first week of classes. The lodge-themed student center contains a cafeteria, a fitness center, several study lounges and conference rooms, a post office and some administrative offices with sweeping views of Connecticut and the Long Island Sound.

Crescent Townhouses: This year, juniors and seniors were given the option to live in the newly constructed townhouses next to the Crescent residence hall on the York Hill campus. The townhouses are modeled after the ones in Village on the Mount Carmel campus but come equipped with a fully-functioning kitchen. Picking up where the Village townhouses end in 690, the Crescent townhouses begin with 720 and line the back wing of the Crescent.

New Café Q: Students have watched the construction of the cafeteria on the Mount Carmel campus for more than a year. It is finally open in this semester and can now accommodate the entire student body. With added seating on two floors, the cafeteria has gained extra square footage for dining students as well as food options. The Café now offers The Kitchen, Thumann’s Healthy Deli, Pizza Fusion, Coyote Jack’s Grill, Yan Can Cook (Chinese), Naked Pear Café (healthy organic cuisine), and The Coffee Shop, featuring barista-made Seattle’s Best coffee drinks.

The Admissions Office: The first floor of the Echlin Center on the Mount Carmel campus is the new home of Undergraduate admissions. The office has brand new furniture and much more room for tours, info and displays. The Echlin Center used to service all the health science classes, which are now held at the North Haven campus. The long term plan is to expand the Arnold Bernhard Library into where the old admissions office used to be.

New Location for Help Desk: The Media Services center on the first floor of the Arnold Bernhard Library is the new home for the Help Desk. The E-stars will now be servicing QU students and their IT problems from Media Services. The old Help Desk location in Tator Hall is now the QU Seminar Center, where faculty and students can meet to discuss anything and everything about the three seminar classes.

The Rave Wireless System: As part of Quinnipiac’s Mobile Program and the Office of Safety and Security, the Rave Guardian service includes a virtual campus escort and a panic security call feature. Any student, faculty or staff member can access the Rave Guardian system via their cell phone when they are making a trip across campus and feel they need security. They text in their expected arrival time or leave an additional voicemail about the trip. If the student, faculty or staff member does not “check in” at their expected arrival time, the Rave system will send out their phone number, photo, and voicemail or text message to their GPS tracking system. The panic security call feature allows a student, faculty or staff member to be connected with QU Security with the press of one button. Students should access MyQ for information on signing up for this free security program.

1,678 Freshmen!: Quinnipiac’s largest class size ever has inhabited the Mount Carmel campus to begin their four memorable years of college.