Please jump off silly band-wagon

Julia Bucchianeri

Look down at your wrist.

If you see a colorful rubber band that was once a shape of some completely random animal or object and you’re over the age of 10, please take it off.

I like to think that I understand the way trends work. Generally a piece of clothing or an accessory becomes a dominating factor in the day-to-day style we all see in society. For instance, leggings erupted into the fashion scene a few years ago and now the trend is starting to move toward jeggings (leggings that look like jeans). There are also the really bright colored sunglasses that kind of look like fake Ray-Bans, which a lot of people seem to like.

But now we have these really awesome rubber bands that look like cool shapes and come in tons of colors that everyone is wearing. For real? I just don’t get it.

Maybe if your little cousin or some kid you coached at summer camp gave you a silly band to wear while you were with them I could understand why one would wear them, but summer is over. Get rid of the giraffe. Everyone reading this newspaper is most likely over the age of 18, and is undoubtedly expected to act like an adult and do adult things.

So, for example, do you wear your Silly Bandz to an interview? Or out on a date? Maybe to your internship? I hope not. I’ve noticed that these Silly Bandz are becoming conversation starters, “What shapes do you have?” Then the person will proceed to take off each Silly Band and lay them flat to try and help show what the shape was when they first put it on, because we all know that the red heart looks like a red circle and the pink pig just looks like a pink blob.

Now people can no longer use the weather as a conversation starter or an ice-breaker; instead, guessing one another’s Silly Bandz works just fine. That’s great. For those of you who do wear them, I noticed on the official Silly Bandz website that there are now Justin Bieber Silly Bandz too. O-M-G.

As I was browsing around the website, I also saw there are Silly Ringz, Silly Necklaces and Silly Bandz Caribinerz. So many silly things to choose from, what will people do?! Please, please, let’s all make an effort to stop the Silly Ringz from becoming the next trend for people that are far too old to wear them. I could care less if little kids wear these accessories; by all means, they’re fun and colorful and maybe even a collectible thing for people 10 years old and younger. But if you’re in college, or even high school, I really think you’re pushing it and should probably let go of your dinosaurs and sea-creatures.