Dido’s “No Angel” will leave you believing otherwise

Kristen Daley

The title of Dido’s new album, No Angel, would have you believe she is just that. However hearing her deep, beautiful, and mysterious voice might make you believe otherwise.
Dido has released the album under the Arista record label. The album comes after a time of much hardship for the young singer, when there was no success in sight for her music. That all changed when she got two chances of a lifetime.
Her song, “Here with Me,” included on the album, was chosen as the theme song for the WB network’s Roswell. Based on the network’s success, having your music chosen as an opening theme seems to have the same effect for the artist.
Superstar rapper Eminem also came across Dido’s music and chose the chorus for her song “Thank You” as the chorus for his hit “Stan,” off the Marshall Mathers LP.
It’s not hard for radio listeners to be mistaken about which song they are listening to when they hear the captivating familiar rhythm and lyrics: “My tea’s gone cold. I’m wondering why I got out of bed at all. The morning rain clouds up my window, and I can’t see at all. And even if I could it would all be gray, but your picture on my wall helps remind me that it’s not so bad, it’s not so bad.”
When you listen to the two songs in their entirety, you’ll realize just how perfect her lyrics are.
When you listen close to the album, Dido’s style seems to mirror that of Jewel’s. The sound of her voice is different than Jewel’s, however her music still seems to have a calming effect on the listener.
Besides “Here with Me” and “Thank You,” the song “All you Want” is another example of this.
The lyrics, although describing feelings of lost love due to a cheating boyfriend, has a sweet sound. The incorporation of the guitar in this song only serves to make it better.
“Think of Me” sounds like a lyrically toned down version of Alanis Morrisette’s “You Outta Know.” Dido’s angelic voice takes over a tone of sarcasm and anger in the song, providing some variety for the album.
Skim to the seventh track of the album, and you are greeted by an introduction unlike any other on the album. Sounds of outer space, likely products of a guitar and keyboard, take over the intro and the rest of the song. Unfortunately, they also take over Dido’s voice at some points of the song.
“Isobel,” a song in which the lyrics take letter form opens with loud depressing drum beats, setting up for the tone of the song. The listener is left confused as to if Isobel (to whom the letter is written) is dead or alive. However, the lyrics make it obvious that she has been mistreated to the point of an irrational action.
The title of the album undoubtedly came from one of the better songs on the album, “I’m No Angel.” In the song, Dido says just that, proving that infallibility in life can be near impossible. However, that does not mean that she won’t “try and try.”
No Angel includes the bonus track “Take my Hand.” It has a sweet, slow sound at the beginning. However, as the song progresses, the beat picks up, giving it a kind of techno sound. It’s something you just might hear at a club.
The recognizable “Here with Me” and “Thank You” might initially drive you to buy this album. If you are weary, however, take my word for it. You will not be disappointed.
Grade: A-