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Don’t say ‘ugh’ to UGGs: The 2000s-era boots are back in style in 2024

Klara Dhandili

In the colder months, there’s no better feeling than slipping on fluffy UGGs over some cozy socks and walking out the door. It has been a staple in both of our routines since we were younger.

Just when UGGs were about to be a trend of the past, celebrities and influencers started wearing new platform UGGs — and we are both fully on board. Like other 2000s trends that have made a comeback, these shoes still have the same comfort and elegance they had years ago.

UGG released the platform-style boots in 2020, right as fashion trends started shifting toward comfier clothing. Many say the shoes are ugly, but we both disagree. There are so many ways to style them adorably, and the platform in particular gives them a unique twist.

In 2023, Deckers Outdoor Corporation, which owns UGG, made $1.9 billion. We are not surprised — on TikTok, people have been posting about how they’ve saved their old UGGs in anticipation of their resurgence.

This trend also shows how the same shoe has been in and out of style for two decades, so it really doesn’t matter what you want to wear. If you like UGGs, or any other item of clothing, just wear them. Who cares what anyone else thinks about it?

Growing up and seeing celebrities and fashion influencers wearing the shoe made them an iconic symbol that every little girl knew about. Wearing the shoes made you feel like you fit in because everyone was always talking about them. Even though we like the style of the UGG, this definitely played a role in choosing to originally purchase them.

We both remember getting our first pairs of UGGs in middle school in really bright colors like blue and hot pink. Opening the brown box to see the new pair of boots inside — their fur clean and fresh — was always something we looked forward to on holidays and birthdays. And given their resurgence, the tradition is still alive today.

Beyond the platform UGGs, the ultra mini UGGs have also skyrocketed in popularity recently. Several celebrities have worn them, including Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez. However, the ultra minis are the least fashionable out of all the styles, and they are particularly hard to get on and off. And yet, the brand has both styles to thank for its resurgence in sales.

Some have even taken scissors to their mid-length and tall UGGs to turn them into ultra minis. Paired with a chic pair of baggy sweatpants, you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference.

The boots seemingly used to be waterproof — we’ve even worn ours in the snow from time to time — but with the newer models, a drop of water seems to discolor the shoe. Despite this, the company has added rain boots and snow boots to its line over the years.

Some of UGG’s most popular colors seem to always be out of stock. The black- and chestnut-colored boots are nearly impossible to get during peak season. To get one of these colors in your size in time for fall, you have to order them months in advance.

The shoes are pricey, ranging from $150- $200, but the investment is definitely worth it because they last for years, even decades.

Over the decades, the UGG brand has expanded to include clothing and even home accessories, such as bedding, pillows, throw blankets and rugs — all featuring its super soft material. So, even if you aren’t a fan of the boots, UGG offers something for everyone.

Whether you decide to buy UGG boots to fit in, to twin with your favorite celebrity or just to rock the classic cozy look of your middle school days, you definitely won’t regret the purchase.

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