College Beauty Must-Haves

Ashley DiFranza

Every year prior to the start of the semester, college girls fill their suitcases with the most fashionable clothes, the most popular accessories and the newest shoe styles. But does everyone put as much thought into what goes into their bathroom tote?

Being up to date with the latest beauty trends is just as important as being up to date with the latest fall fashion styles. College beauty has progressed past bringing just a simple tube of Chapstick and a hair brush to school. Things have gotten much more complicated.

1. First on the list of college beauty must-haves is body wash. Rather then scrubbing a re-useable bar of soap all over and emerging from the shower squeaky clean but completely scent-less, using a fun-smelling body wash is more practical. Not only does it eliminate the need for spray-on, easily fading perfume, it also adds a little excitement to an otherwise boring—and, I’m sure, cramped—shower. Another benefit of body wash? It’ll make you smell unique. While everyone else on your floor walks around with the same Eternity For Women perfume, you’ll radiate freshness and sweetness with your personal choice in body wash. (Plus, when you’re in the shower, your pores are more open and much more available to suck up the scent!) And body washes are easily accessible too. Target, Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret and even Sephora all carry large varieties of these products.

2. Another extremely important, but usually overlooked, beauty necessity is foundation. College females, always in a rush, seem to think that dabbing a little cover-up over blemishes is the fastest and most practical choice when, in reality, foundation is the way to go. Whether you go with liquid foundation (good for smoothing out a completion), or powder foundation (better for more oily skin), you’ll end up with a more balanced look, perfect for pre-party primping or even just a post-class touch up.

3. Makeup remover has always been something that girls need to keep them looking fresh and beautiful, especially in college. However, rather than trying to wipe away the day’s eyeliner with a cotton ball and cream, makeup remover wipes are the way to go. Not only are they compact in a little, closeable pouch so you can use only one at a time without worrying about the others drying up, but they are also much easier to use. They contain moisturizing remover and usually aloe in each wipe. Sold at most general stores (Target, Walmart, etc.), they are easy to find and even easier to use.

4. The fourth beauty must-have is eyeliner. Eyeliner has always been a fairly important make up tool, but it has recently become an absolute necessity. It’s rare to see a girl walking around campus – unless it’s right before an 8 a.m. class – that isn’t sporting some form of liner around her eyes. The options for types of eyeliner are constantly growing. First, you must choose between liquid or pencil (pencil is better for speed whereas liquid is better for more drastic lines). Then there comes the color choice: should you match your eye color? Or should you try to look bold and go with something crazy like purple or neon green? Either way, a vast array of eyeliner should be brought with you in your college tote. It’s important to stand out in a mass of people, even if it’s just with your eyes!

So this year, when you go to replenish your beauty supplies, think about these little tips. Grab some body wash instead of just soap, buy foundation rather than a simple cover-up stick, and even spruce up your cosmetics tote with a cute one from Bath and Body Works! Just remember that, as much as we wish it did, beauty doesn’t necessarily come naturally. You need to make sure you have all the right products to hide your flaws and highlight your pretty features!