RAVE and WRECK of the week: Sept. 14, 2010

Daniella Appolonia

RAVE of the week: Halo: Reach Released

Yesterday, the highly anticipated Halo: Reach game was released; the last one to be created under the Bungie development studio name. A new developer will be taking over the franchise’s future. So, for the meantime, all the tricks have been implemented for Halo: Reach, making it one of the most fully-featured packages in the gaming industry. A huge world has been created, called “The Forge World,” that works as a place for players to go in and create their own personal game maps. There are plenty of battlefields, aliens and weapons—part of the typical Halo structure. Many references are also made to past games, which devout fans will surely enjoy. But, there’s plenty of room for new fans to show their love. It’s the most difficult game in the franchise so far, but will surely be an entertaining and worthwhile challenge.

WRECK of the week: Young Hollywood

What is happening in Tinseltown? It’s well-known that young actors and musicians have all had their fair share of rebellion and run-ins with the law. But to them, fame is a free pass to getting out of trouble. It seems that some in the spotlight never learn their lesson, like Lindsay Lohan for instance. What happened to the innocent, loveable child star in “The Parent Trap”? We want her back. She tries to get the help and rehab she needs, and is back at her partying antics as soon as she is released. During Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s recent trial, the judge even told her she was acting like a Lindsay Lohan wannabe. That’s a slap in the face. And we can’t forget Paris Hilton’s cocaine scandal along with her claim that the purse containing the drugs was not hers. She has earned enough mug shots already for one lifetime and is running out of excuses. Hopefully, these two will get the help they need and turn their lives around.