Valentines of past Presidents

Valentine’s Day celebrates the idea of love and is the one day where relationships are put on a pedestal. As tradition would have it, several former Presidents of the United States celebrate Valentines Day with more than one woman. Some of the nations most popular presidents did not limit themselves to one woman or even two. While February is nationally celebrated as one of love and caring, there are some people out there who believe there is enough love to go around two or three times.
Thomas Jefferson is one of the earlier presidents on record as having an extramarital affair. In the1990’s it was discovered that he was the father of Eston Hemings, the youngest son of Sally Hemings, one of Jefferson’s slaves. While this has not been proven, there is strong DNA evidence to suggest that Eston Hemings is a product of Jefferson’s rumored thirty-six year affair with this woman.
Warren Harding had two confirmed mistresses, Carrie Phillips and Nan Briton. Both began before his presidency. Phillips was paid $25,000 plus $2,000 a month palimony and Briton bore Harding a daughter, Elizabeth Ann. Their affair continued until his death in office and she later wrote a tell all book, “The President’s Daughter.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt, one of the nation’s most popular presidents, died with his mistress at his side. He began his affair with Lucy Mercer before he became president, but was caught when his wife, Eleanor, found love letters between the two. Roosevelt promised to terminate the relationship, but kept it going behind closed doors. Mercer was Eleanor’s Social Secretary.
John F. Kennedy is famous not only for being a President of the United States, but also for having several high profile affairs. He had eleven confirmed mistresses including actresses Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. He kept amorous company with several of his secretaries and also a woman named Pamela Turnure, who was Jacqueline Kennedy’s press secretary.
Lyndon Johnson, the president after JFK was shot, had one confirmed affair with a woman named Alice Glass. The affair started before he became President but after he married Lady Bird Johnson.
One of his aides is rumored to have said, “He would screw anything that would crawl, basically. He was a horny old man.”
The most recent presidential womanizer was the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton. While many of the past presidential affairs were kept quiet, Clinton’s adulterous tendencies were splashed across the media.
His affairs include Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers and the most notable, Monica Lewinsky. His affair with intern Lewinsky led to public disappointment and his ultimate impeachment.
Other presidents who have had affairs include, but are not limited to James Garfield, Grover Cleveland and Dwight D. Eisenhower.