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    Don’t expect Danny Tanner for Fall Show

    When most think of Bob Saget, an image of Type A freak and all-around family man Danny Tanner springs to mind from the ABC sitcom “Full House.” However, there is more to Saget than the squeaky clean image presented in the old TGIF staple from the ‘90s.

    Saget started his career as a stand-up comic shortly after graduating Temple University in 1978. Before joining the cast of “Full House,” Saget provided comic relief on CBS’ “The Morning Program,” but that gig only lasted six months as sitcom stardom waited just around the corner for the struggling comedian.

    Public perception of Saget changed soon after “Full House” ended in 1995 as his comedy stylings showcased a dirtier side to the comic that most didn’t realize he possessed on “Full House” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

    “Doing too much family television has turned me into the dirty bastard that I now am,” Saget joked regarding his past in an act in 2006.

    From his raunchy stand-up to his filthy segment in the 2005 documentary, “The Aristocrats,” Saget is unafraid to push buttons and make light of his career.

    “It was a very, very real show. Very much like life,” Saget said sarcastically of “Full House” in 2006 during his stand-up. “It was three straight guys raising three girls in San Francisco. And that is something that definitely happened.”

    Big name comedians are no stranger to Quinnipiac, especially those booked during the old May Weekend in the spring. Dane Cook performed in 2004 with Carlos Mencia coming to campus in 2006 and the funnymen from “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” in 2007.

    “Any guy who does a family show for so long must have a raunchy side,” senior James Lipscomb said of Saget. “And you can just imagine watching the Olsen twins grow up; he was their dad. You can imagine how much dirt he has [on them].”

    Junior Danielle Chambers would’ve preferred a musical act, but doesn’t mind the comedian as a main show. However, she thinks it could have been more worthwhile.

    “Personally, I thought comedians were cheaper, so they should’ve had two, not just one,” she said.

    Saget continues stand-up around the country and currently provides the narration on CBS’ hit comedy “How I Met Your Mother.”

    Saget is set to headline the Student Programming Board’s (SPB) Fall Mainstage Event on Saturday, Oct. 2 at the TD Bank Sports Center.

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