Joe Pelletier

More than 1,000 tickets remain available for the Student Programming Board’s Fall Show featuring Bob Saget on Oct. 2. All are for arena seating, though, as tables for undergraduates on the floor of the TD Bank Sports Center sold out in a matter of days.

Tickets will remain on sale until the week prior to the concert on a date to be determined, according to SPB Mainstage Chair Jamie Kloss.

The sought-after floor seating, which will be set up as tables for six, will include “mocktails” and food.

Saget is the first big-name comedian since the official May Weekend ended in 2007.

“We’ve had our fair share of great musical artists, and it was about picking the right time for a comedy show,” Kloss said. “We saw a chance to bring in a big name, so we did it.”

According to Kloss, Jimmy Fallon, Demetri Martin and Kathy Griffin were also in the running, but it was Saget that led the way in SPB’s summer survey.

“He’s very raunchy,” Kloss said. “It’s a different take on a character we all know. Everybody wants to see Danny Tanner.”

It’s been “positive buzz” thus far, according to Kloss, even though there will not be a big-name musician or band coming to campus.

“I’m a little disappointed because, with a budget that big, they could bring in some really cool names–but good for them on doing something different,” WQAQ General Manager Mike Farrell said. “And it’s a lot easier to appeal to a lot of people with a comedian than a musical talent.”