Dr. Dre and Destiny’s Child dominate with five Grammy nominations with five Grammy nominations each

Hillary McDonald

Once again, it’s that time of year for Grammy Awards. The 43rd Annual Grammy Awards are set to air on CBS February 21 from 8-11 p.m. The award show will feature such presenters as Erykah Badu, Ray Romano, and Carlos Santana. Performances include Madonna, U2, Destiny’s Child, `Nsync, Brad Paisley, and Dolly Parton.
This year’s top nominees walk away with five nominations each. Dr. Dre received five nominations, including one for producer of the year. Beyonce Knowles from the musical group Destiny’s Child also garned five nominations, including two for song and record of the year for the hit song, “Say My Name”.
This year’s top awards have many of the same performers in common. Nominees for Record of the Year are, `Nsync for “Bye Bye Bye”, Madonna for “Music”, U2 for “Beautiful Day”, Destiny’s Child for “Say My Name”, and Macy Gray for “I Try”.
Nominees for Best Female Pop Performance are: “What A Girl Wants” Christina Aguilera, “I Try” Macy Gray, “Music” Madonna, “Save Me” Aimee Mann, “Both Sides Now” Joni Mitchell, and “Oops!…I Did It Again” Britney Spears.
Best Male Pop Vocal Performance nominees are: “You Sang To Me” Marc Anthony, “Taking You Home” Don Henley, “She Bangs” Ricky Martin, “6, 8, 12” Brian McKnight, and “She Walks This Earth” Sting.
The nominees for the Best Pop Performance-Duo/Group will be a tight race. Nominated are: “Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely” Backstreet Boys, “Pinch Me” Barenaked Ladies, “Breathless” The Corrs, “Bye Bye Bye” `NSync, and “Cousin Dupree” Steely Dan. With the Backstreet Boys and `NSync both nominated in the same category it could be a tight call.
The Song of the Year Nominations will also be tight because all of the songs listed in the category are all highly respected. They are: U2 “Beautiful Day”, Destiny’s Child “Say My Name”, Macy Gray “I Try”, Faith Hill “Breathe”, and Lee Ann Womack “I Hope You Dance” .
Last, out of the most popular categories comes the award for Best New Artist. The nominees are Shelby Lynne, Brad Paisley, Papa Roach, Jill Scott, and Sisqo. I think Sisqo will walk away with the award because his hit song this past summer, “The Thong Song” was widely popular and could be heard on every radio station and on everyone’s CD player constantly.
With Beyonce Knowles having so many nominations it looks like she is a sure shot to win at least a couple. Madonna being a Grammy favorite and having a new album out will most likely walk away with a statute.
Also, who could forget the ever-controversial Eminem? This year, the rapper is up for four Grammys, including Album of the Year. It could be doubtful to say that he will win however, due to all of the controversy surrounding his name and anti-hate groups rallying against this years Grammy Awards for even giving him the nominations in the first place.