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Bobcat Buzz: Rocky Top Student Center’s personal pies stole a ‘pizza’ my heart

A worker sprinkles cheese pizzas before the dinner rush on York Hill on Tuesday, Sept. 26.

I am a big pizza guy. That’s why the Rocky Top Student Center’s personal pie station in the York Hill Campus dining hall is the best meal choice at Quinnipiac University.

Down on the Mount Carmel Campus, you get stuck with one large cheese, one large pepperoni and then a random third pizza that looks like someone tossed an entire salad on top of it. Walk up and ask for a slice (or two) and the workers will throw it back into the oven to heat up.

My analysis: no bueno.

The pizza is fine — it’s hard to make truly awful pizza — but it doesn’t do it for me. It fills the hunger pit, but do I actually enjoy it? Questionable.

On the contrary, just take a little ride up to York Hill and get some pizza. Now that is a pie students can enjoy wholeheartedly.

Made-to-order, the toppings span entire food groups. Want sausage and ranch? What about bacon and barbeque sauce? Get crazy and just throw an assortment of toppings on there, why don’t you?

What I’m saying is that the options are limitless and the pizza is just better. While both campuses cook them in fancy pizza ovens, the upper campus is the one that will roll the dough out in front of you, then throw it in as you wait.

Now yes, the line is outrageous. If you’re lucky enough to walk up and order with nobody ahead of you, congratulations. You just experienced a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it won’t happen again.

But that line comes with the territory. You don’t see people lining up for a half-hour just for a single semi-warmed slice down at Cafe Q, nor should they. But up on York, people know what to expect and are willing to wait for their food.

My thoughts on the pies could span paragraphs, but I will cut it short. My pizza is ready.

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