The Backstreet Boys stay true to their fans and popular sound in ‘Black and Blue’

Kristen Schmidt

Backstreet’s back and better than ever. On November 21st they released their long awaited fifth album, “Black and Blue”
Their two previous American and two European albums got them the hype and fame they so much deserve, but their latest venture is leaving critics and fans believing that these five guys may have the staying power no one thought possible. With the odds of being a boy band stacked against them, these guys are on their way to proving they’re no New Kids on the Block.
“Black and Blue”, named accordingly, appears to be attributed to all they have endured within the last eight years of their careers. From the deaths of family members and friends to legal battles with management and two marriages (a boy band fatality), they have been left “Black and Blue”. These scrapes have healed, however, leaving no apparent scares.
The 13 tracks on the album are amazing. The music, although still pop of course, is far edgier than one might expect. Hey, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. “Black and Blue” shows evidence of maturation not only within their lyrics and beats, but within their vocals as well.
There are two distinct forms of music that will be found on this album, the up-beat, “I wanna dance” songs, and some serious powerhouse ballads. Featured on “Black and Blue” are their two latest singles, “Shape of my Heart” and “the Call”. In addition, the song “I Promise You”, which band member Brian Littrell sang to his wife Leighanne at their wedding, is an added bonus.
“Black and Blue” is an album that both fans and non-supporters will be able to appreciate and enjoy together. From the sound of this album, there is no denying that they have gone from Backstreet Boys to Backstreet Men. They have adequately demonstrated what sets them apart from *NSYNC and the others who have jumped on the Backstreet band wagon: Backstreet was first and now they have come to claim what is rightfully theirs.
The future seems to be promising for the guys and most likely filled with many up-coming nominations and awards. After the holidays the boys will kick off their world tour on January 22nd in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The closest they plan on coming to this area has of now seems to be New York.
If catching a show is on your agenda, I would suggest now that you plot how you plan on obtaining these tickets that sell out in seconds flat. I wish everyone good luck on their conquest and hope that you are as pleased as I am.