Welcome back TKE 2001

David Carlton

Welcome back! The brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon are looking to start off the second semester strong. In late November we held elections and there are now new officers in all positions. With new officers now installed, we have many new perspectives, ideas, and goals for the future.
We just had our winter retreat in Pennsylvania where we organized our plans for this semester. The retreat was a chance for the brothers to see each other during the winter break. It was also a chance for us to discuss the new ideas that everyone has.
Spring rush is coming up soon. We were fortunate to have Andy Krebs, a brother from the international headquarters, provide a rush clinic this past Saturday, Jan. 27. The clinic included methods on how to go about rushing potential members, rush event ideas, and the overall importance of rush as the life blood of any fraternity. The clinic couldn’t have been at a better time because rush begins Friday, Feb. 2, with the Greek Forum in Alumni Hall at 5:00 p.m.
The Greek Forum is a general information session featuring all Greek life on campus. Rush week begins on Monday, Feb. 5, and concludes Friday, Feb. 9, with bids to join the fraternity being given.
Some rush events held during that week are a chili cookout, an eskimo cookout, turkey bowling, and pool. More information on the events will be given at the Greek Forum. All interested students are encouraged to attend.
The brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon are very active in the campus and the Hamden community with our main philanthropy events, the Red Cross and Special Olympics. During the semester, we will be organizing the campus’ bi-annual Blood Drive and brothers will attend a variety of Special Olympics events. We have numerous on-campus events planned for the semester, in particular our rose sale coming up from Feb. 5 to Feb. 13.
Brother Kevin Supple is also worked with the Social Programming Board to organize the bringing of cast members of MTV’s popular show, The Real World. We would like to wish everyone a good semester and we encourage all interested in Greek life to attend the Greek Forum and learn more about the bond of brotherhood that is Tau Kappa Epsilon.