Pay it forward

Daniel Passapera, Former Digital Managing Editor

When I first came to Quinnipiac, I didn’t know if journalism was the right path for me. If you told me I would go on to lead an entire section within the Chronicle, let alone become a managing editor, I would’ve laughed.

I was hesitant to join student media because I didn’t know if there was anywhere for me to fit in. That was until then-Editor-in-Chief Michael Sicoli kept encouraging me to join, for which I am grateful.

Photography editor seemed like the natural fit, and it was nothing short of an incredible experience photographing anything, literally anything, from sports to parking cameras at the Hogan lot.

I owe a big thank you to former Creative Director Connor Lawless, who I had the pleasure of working with when I first started. He pushed me to become better creatively. Of course, our unspoken competitiveness, especially during Fall Fest 2021 to see who could get the best shot, helped too.

During my time at Quinnipiac, I’ve also found a passion for audience engagement, social media and different visual mediums for storytelling. I took a chance with my newfound passion and left the photography editor role with the goal of creating the Chronicle’s first-ever multimedia section.

I wanted to elevate the Chronicle toward a more modern approach to visual storytelling and social media while leaving it in a better position for the future. Now with Jack Muscatello and Connor Youngberg taking the reins, the sky’s the limit.

All of this wouldn’t have been achieved without the incredible people around me and for that, I say, pay it forward.

The most important lesson I’ve learned from my experience working in student media is the ability to teach others and set up success for those coming after you. Individual accomplishments are overrated. It’s your ability and willingness to set an example and share knowledge that makes it worthwhile.

Shared success with others is better than being successful alone, even if we are students. We should help each other become the best versions of ourselves.

I am forever thankful to the outgoing managing board who I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside and hope to continue working with in the future. I’m also excited to see what Peyton McKenzie produces as he returns in his role as creative director on the managing board. I will miss the creative director-multimedia pipeline.

I think it’s safe to say the journalism program and student media here at Quinnipiac was the right path for me.