The Weeknd turns back the clock with his newest single ‘Double Fantasy’


‘Double Fantasy’ is the Weeknd’s first work released since the album Live From SoFi Stadium released on March 3. (Brian Ziff/Wikimedia Commons)

Ethan Hurwitz, Sports Editor

In a promotional effort for his upcoming HBO show, “The Idol,” releasing in June, The Weeknd dropped “Double Fantasy,” a new single featuring Future, on April 21.

The new song, which is part of the show’s official soundtrack, was performed for the first time during Metro Boomin’s set at Coachella on the same day as the release date. Metro Boomin, along with world-renowned producer Mike Dean, were also credited with the production of this single.

After a lengthy saxophone solo, the single jumps right into the perspective of The Weeknd’s in-show character, Tedros, a seedy nightclub owner and cult leader. With the song oozing with synths, The Weeknd — real name Abel Tesfaye — goes back to the vintage style of singing that made him explode onto the scene last decade.

“I can tell that you think that I’m right for you / I already know that it’s not true, but girl, I’ll lie to you / Even though it’s wrong / It’s wrong / Even though it’s wrong.”

With Tedros crooning about the inner trauma of his partner, he sings about how he just doesn’t care and loves the darkness within.

“Baby girl, I’m the only one who knows this side of you / And baby, you know that I can pull out what’s inside of you.”

It is a dark song, accompanied with a dark music video. In the video, Lily-Rose Depp, Tesfaye’s co-star in the show, plays Jocelyn, a wannabe popstar that falls under Tedros’ influence. With scenes from the show seen in the video, it lays a solid foundation for the relationship between the two main characters.

The name of the song — which pays homage to the 1980 album by John Lennon and Yoko Ono – plays on the idea of seeing double. In Lennon and Ono’s album, they go back and forth singing to each other about how much they love each other. For the 2023 single, The Weeknd sings about how both parts of a human’s mental state can impact him.

When Future comes into the song for his verse, he raps about how both the good and bad sides of a person can come into play in a relationship.

“I sent you an envelope, came with a poem / You possess venom, that came with a charm / You get the good out of me when I perform / I know the bad in you, that’s what I want.”

This is not the first time that these two have gotten together on a project.

“Double Fantasy” is another song on a long list of collaborations between The Weeknd and Future, who last teamed up for the latter’s album on “Coming Out Strong” in 2017. Other hits that the two icons have worked on include “Low Life,” “All I Know,” “Six Feet Under” and “Drinks On Us.”

The single has flashback ties to some of Tesfaye’s older projects. With the hypnotic singing and electric beats in the background, it calls back to 2013’s “Kissland” and 2020’s “After Hours.” However, lately, The Weeknd has incorporated more club-style synths and keyboards in his projects. Darker undertones about sex, drugs and club nightlife have been staples in The Weeknd’s discography since his debut mixtapes in the early 2010s.

With a full soundtrack being produced for the show by Tesfaye, those who crave new music from The Weeknd do not need to wait any longer. With him also working on another studio album in the future, “Double Fantasy” is a nice little surprise just in time for the summer.