I am the Crumbl Cookies monster


Nicole McIsaac

One of Crumbl Cookie’s weekly cookie lineup flavors included snickerdoodle cheesecake and macadamia nut.

Nicole McIsaac, Managing Editor

I hold one simple joy near and dear to my heart — desserts. While some may argue that other sweets rank higher on their priority lists, my go-to craving is always cookies. 

Just call me the cookie monster. 

However, it wasn’t until I stumbled across a company last year on TikTok that makes extravagant cookies that my lifelong love for the dessert deepened. Did you guess Crumbl Cookies? Ding, ding, ding. 

 Launched back in 2017, the first Crumbl store opened its doors in Logan, Utah. From starting with two cousins who had a passion for baking, the business steadily began to grow and embed itself in areas across the United States — including six stores here in Connecticut. 

While you might have heard of other companies in the business, such as Insomnia Cookies, Crumbl has one specific advantage over the rest: it switches its cookie flavor lineup every week. 

Announced every Sunday at 6 p.m. on the company’s Instagram, Crumbl rotates through a wide range of six types of cookies — some chilled and others served warm out of the oven. The cookies listed for the week include a brief description of the flavor, a picture of the cookie and its nutritional value — which I normally ignore. 

In addition to its alternating menu, Crumbl often offers a “Mystery Cookie,” which differs depending on the store’s location. If you’re anything like myself, I immediately head to the company’s mobile app that allows users to view what the mystery cookie is at a specific store while using its worldwide cookie map. I can’t be the only one. 

While I don’t go to devour the sweets every week, I would be lying if I said I don’t automatically send the menu to my friends on social media the minute I see it. The alternating menu builds a sense of excitement — similar to waiting for a huge announcement. 

Although I have had my fair share of cookies from the company, the ultimate top three are the maple glaze, macadamia nut and cornbread flavors. While every time I go there are new options to try, I would be lying if I said I didn’t pray those flavors landed on the weekly lineup. 

However, the love for Crumbl doesn’t end with me — I have also infected my roommates, friends and boyfriend. 

Heading over to the nearest location roughly seven miles away from Quinnipiac University’s Mount Carmel Campus in North Haven, Connecticut, developed into a bonding experience — typically resulting in all of us getting different flavors so we can all try a bit of each. 

Upon arriving at Crumbl every single time, I am greeted by employees with grins from ear to ear and, of course, the aromas of fresh cookies in the oven — also known as heaven. 

However, what intrigues me the most is how fresh these cookies are. Before receiving the bright pink box of goodness, I often seek workers freshly pulling them off a tray and icing them right in front of me. 

Despite my devotion to the oversized sweets, other people have voiced their thoughts differently. 

While scrolling on social media, I have seen various complaints about the price of the desserts, which total up to $4.68 for a single cookie. Regardless if I am a struggling college student, you will always catch me driving to the nearest location in North Haven to swipe my card. 

I have also seen people drag this company into a negative light by saying the cookies are not fully cooked — like you don’t eat the dough when you make homemade cookies yourself. 

Stop the Crumbl slander, you know you are lying to yourself. 

So, if you’re thinking of trying Crumbl for the first time — this is your sign. Grab your roommates, friends, significant other or even just yourself and thank me later.