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Everyone should use Twitter

For all you lazy, uninformed college students or those who are always “too busy” to catch up with the news, it’s time you joined the Twitter craze. And that’s just one of many purposes this rapidly-growing social networking tool satisfies.

Twitter is undoubtedly the fastest news source around, and it’s no coincidence that its most common use is on the go, in the palm of your hand on your cell phone.

“Anonymous sex” is the phrase my dad used to describe Twitter. OK, I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s pretty darn good.

Anonymity is what best separates Twitter from Facebook. Facebook profiles include personal information and photos that are really only for the eyes of friends. Twitter profiles consist of a picture, a 160-character bio and tweets (140-character updates).

Twitter allows you to create a personalized news feed from any news source you can think of while also keeping tabs on how the world is reacting to the news. And when I say “world,” I’m referring to Twitter’s 70 million users and counting.

I’m stressing the importance of current events because I feel students here are incredibly oblivious to what’s happening outside of our home away from home for four years. Quinnipiac professors can attest to this, including my Finance 201 professor last semester who asked his students if they had ever heard of Warren Buffett.

Professor Emeritus Vincent Driscoll heard crickets when referring to one of the most famous names on Wall Street — and this was a class mostly comprised of upperclassmen (you know, the people who are heading out to the real world where names like Buffett’s should be common knowledge.)

If you still don’t care for keeping up with the news, Twitter is also an excellent place for discussing whatever topics appeal to you the most. For me, it’s sports, but I’ve been using it lately to branch out to politics. Searching Twitter is like asking the world a question. And your query always has responses.

“So Twitter is just for people who have no friends?” a non-user asked me. Yeah, that’s one way of looking at it, but a wiser outlook on Twitter is that it could help you get a job. Knowing people is everything, and if you can make a name for yourself — brand yourself — on Twitter, then you could be employed right after graduation.

Approximately 50 percent of Quinnipiac undergrads are in the School of Business or the School of Communications. Every single one of those students should be using Twitter to keep up with news and to start networking. I’d be shocked if 10 percent of the student body had a single Twitter handle.

I tweet from four.

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