The pornstache is back in action

Illustration by

Kaya Donah

Illustration by

Kaya Donah, Contributing Writer

One of the most divided opinions is facial hair. Most would either die for it or die because of it.

As different TV shows and films have become popular, different types of facial hair have become more relevant. Recently, that style has been the “pornstache.”

Yes, that’s right, pornstache.

Now, the pornstache is no ordinary mustache. The name is a combination of the words “Porn” and “mustache,” if you couldn’t figure that out already. defines the pornstache as a “thick, heavy mustache with slightly elongated ends and no accompanying facial hair. However, a pornstache is generally identified by its effect on the appearance of the wearer, and not by any specific traits of its own.”

From Miles Teller in “Top Gun: Maverick” to Pedro Pascal in the latest HBO Max series, “The Last of Us,” the pornstache has officially risen from the dead.

The pornstache originated in the ‘70s with, you guessed it, male porn stars, according to This style was then popularized through the ‘80s as more non-porn stars started wearing them. Many recognizable celebrities, such as Freddie Mercury and Lionel Richie, rocked the pornstache during this time. It’s interesting to see how this style has remained popular almost 40 years later.

In the last few years, many networks have been focusing on producing revivals, as well as shows that prey on people’s nostalgia. A popular time period has been the ‘80s, when the pornsatche was most popular. “Top Gun: Maverick” was a revival of the ‘80s classic. “Narcos” was based in the ‘80s. Even the most popular 80s-based TV show, “Stranger Things,” featured a pornstache on Dacre Montgomery.

Though the platforms could be the reason for this growth in staches (no pun intended), they should not be taking all the credit. The main reason why all of these have become relevant again is because of TikTok.

Our current culture is marked by trends; more specifically, what is popular on TikTok.

Though it’s an egregious claim to make, most can agree that this rings true. We currently have the world at our fingertips and this interaction is what drives numerous trends in the mainstream media.

Recently, edits have become a popular TikTok format, displaying love for a popular actor, TV show or movie. While many actors have been deemed important, there are just a handful that have had a strong impact within the last few years, that of which being Teller and Pascal. Now, what’s something that these actors have in common? It’s the pornstache.

What makes the pornstache stand out most is the man it’s being worn on. Many of the people seen in the media with pornstaches exude confidence. The pornstache isn’t just a random style of facial hair, but it’s own character — a representation of self assurance.

Most of the time, it’s also an ironic statement. The wearer of the pornstache knows how absurd it looks, but that is the reason why they wear it. This is why the pornsatche is so loved. It’s not about the facial hair itself, but the meaning of it.

There’s a difference between someone having a pornstache because they think it looks cool and someone having a pornstache because they know it’s not. Many misinterpret the pornstache’s meaning, which is why it is undervalued. Even though some will disagree, there’s a reason why this style has maintained its popularity and will continue to thrive in our ever-changing world.