Quinnipiac partnered with Avelo Airlines. Will students get airfare discounts?

Nicole McIsaac and Lily Philipczak

Quinnipiac University’s athletics department recently partnered with Avelo Airlines in an effort to provide students, faculty and staff with discounted air travel from Connecticut.

“We don’t have the really deep pockets like a big airline or traditional advertiser might have, so we have to be a little bit creative,” said Travis Christ, head of marketing for Avelo. “And Quinnipiac was open to that creativity.”

As part of the promotion, members of the Quinnipiac community can receive $20 off of round-trip flight purchases by using the code “QU20.” The discount is available to all students, faculty and staff and must be used before the promotion ends on July 31.

Avelo is a United States air travel company that departs from 34 airports throughout the country, per a report from Flight Connections. The airline began departing flights at the Tweed New Haven Airport on Nov. 3, 2021.

The airline provides services to 14 different locations including Baltimore, Charleston, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Myrtle Beach, Nashville, Orlando, Raleigh-Durham, Sarasota/Bradenton, Savana, Tampa, West Palm Beach and Wilmington.

Avelo Airlines has partnered with six different universities across the country, including the University of Connecticut and the University of New Haven. Christ said that the partnership with Quinnipiac is another effort to increase the airline’s recognition among the college population.

“As we’ve run these programs, they typically have involved different elements that for Avelo get us awareness out across the student population, parents, alums,” Christ said. “That’s really important for us.”

However, Christ said the partnership also serves as a mutually beneficial way for universities to provide benefits to their athletic community.

“It gives them a chance to provide flight opportunities, tickets for fans and a lot of the athletic stuff that we do,” Christ said. “So it makes their athletic events more entertaining.”

In an effort to increase awareness and excitement about the airline partnership, Quinnipiac athletics will be giving away roundtrip airfare at upcoming home games as the spring sport season begins.

Many students are already expressing excitement about what the new partnership will mean for the future of the university.

“It’s always good to see partnerships expanding with Quinnipiac,” said David Maher, a senior film, television and media arts major. “It’s awesome to see how many more companies are coming to sponsor our school and support our school, so adding another one is great.”

Despite always seeing giveaways at other campus sporting events, Maher said he is looking forward to utilizing the Avelo discount code for future travels.

“(I am) definitely thinking about using it in the future,” Maher said. “I don’t know much about it, but there is a first time for everything.”

Although the partnership is being promoted at sporting events and on social media, some of the student population is still unaware of the discounted airfare.

“I am an avid traveler and hearing about this news was my first time ever hearing about the brand, the travel-airline company,” said Sammy Keane, a junior public relations major. “ … I didn’t know that the collaboration goes until July, I was only under the impression it was during the spring semester.”

Even though Keane was not previously aware of the collaboration, she said the promotion is yet another benefit that the Quinnipiac community can utilize moving forward.

“Hearing that it goes into the summer is really cool because we do have students who do summer terms or J-terms abroad, even spring break too.” Keane said.

Nick Solari, associate athletic director of athletic communications, did not respond to multiple requests for comment about this partnership as of publication.

As Quinnipiac continues to raise awareness about its recent partnership, Christ said Avelo is continuing to seek ways to expand in the future.