The Grammys missed out on ‘Dance Fever’



Indie rock band, Florence + The Machine, were snubbed of a Grammy win on Feb. 5.

Zoe Leone, Associate Arts & Life Editor

The Grammy Awards returned to TV on Feb. 5 and in true yearly ritual fashion, the show brought along a whole new slew of controversies for social media users to spend the next week debating over. As fans argued over Harry Styles’ acceptance speech and who should have won Song of the Year, there was a noticeable lull in the conversation about the snub of a particular artist: Florence + The Machine.

The English indie rock band, led by powerhouse Florence Welch, was nominated for Best Alternative Music Performance for their critically acclaimed hit “King” from their latest album, “Dance Fever.” The award, however, went to “Chaise Lounge” by Wet Leg, a new arrival to the indie music scene that rose to popularity on TikTok for its catchy instrumentals and cringe-worthy lyrics.

This was F+TM’s seventh nomination and seventh loss. The group’s first nomination was for Best New Artist in 2011, which was given to Bon Iver, who is perhaps better known as a Taylor Swift feature than as an independent artist. The band continued to face losses in the following years on its devastatingly gorgeous albums “Ceremonials” and “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.” But the Recording Academy’s ignorance of “Dance Fever” was a brutal snub.

While producer Jack Antonoff won Producer of the Year partially for his work on the album, lead singer, songwriter and consistent producer, Welch, and the band itself, received no other nominations. For an album that received universal acclaim from Metacritic users and critics, the lack of nominations was a notable shock.

Welch wrote and recorded “Dance Fever” in the beginning of the pandemic, and the ache of loneliness and anxiety of those two years is peppered beautifully throughout the album. The musician, who is nine years sober, poured her anguish and pain into “Dance Fever,” which helped keep her from relapsing. While each track flows into one another with near-perfection, “King” undoubtedly sets the tone of the album.

The track, which was written and produced by Welch and Antonoff, is a burrow-in-your-bones rock crescendo that features Welch melodically wailing as she examines the anguish of being a woman. With the repetition of the lyrics “I am no mother/I am no bride/I am king” throughout the verses, it hits like a suckerpunch each time, regardless how many times you’ve listened.

Every song on the album serves a purpose and creates a cohesive album of emotion that is easily one of the best released in 2022. The loss was shocking enough, but the Recording Academy only giving F+TM one nomination for one of their best albums was one of the biggest oversights of the body this year.

F+TM has a unique ability to create beauty in the pains of mundane life. While the Recording Academy may not be ready to acknowledge that, the rest of the world certainly is.