Colorful twist to princess movies

Erica Siciliano

Walt Disney Pictures has added a new princess to its collection, Princess Tiana from its newest movie, “The Princess and the Frog.” The Student Programming Board (SPB) presented a special screening of the film during Friday’s Relay for Life event.

Set in New Orleans, Tiana is a hardworking girl looking to open the restaurant she and her father have always dreamed of opening.  Everything seems to be coming along nicely until Prince Naveen arrives and turns the town upside down.  Looking for a princess to save him from becoming broke, Prince Naveen looks to wed Tiana’s friend Charlotte, until he is turned into a frog by the Voodoo Man and Prince Naveen becomes his servant.

When Prince Naveen finds Tiana, she is dressed up as a princess for the town’s Masquerade Ball. Prince Naveen asks Tiana to kiss her, so he will then turn back into a prince, and Tiana will gain the ability to finally open her restaurant.  Once Tiana kisses Prince Naveen, she is surprised to learn that instead of reversing the spell, she herself turns into a frog.  Throughout the movie, Naveen and Tiana go on a journey to reverse the curse set on them and in the end, find true love.

Although the film seems like the typical Disney princess movie, this one features Disney’s first African-American princess.  Though the film follows the same theme as past princess movies such as “Cinderella” and “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Princess and the Frog,” gained extensive publicity with its first African-American leading lady.

The movie has an inspiring message: If you work hard and stay focused on your dreams, eventually things will happen. Although people may wish for things, without hard work, it will not come true.