7 must-haves for spring 2010

Stephanie Osmanski

The fashion industry gains most of its reputation from the predictably over-the-top, avant-garde garments and accessories that walk the runways each season. Realistically, only washed-up, watered-down versions of these exaggerated fashions make it to mainstream stores and lines targeted for the average, everyday person. With these seven must-haves for spring, you can be price-conscious while still radiating the same appeal of the runway’s most fashionable looks.

1. The Romper: While BCBG charges close to $100 for their version, you can find something like the one pictured here for about $30 at Forever 21.

2. Lace cut-outs: A $348 dress from BCBG? Try 16 bucks at Forever 21 for the same basic look.

3. Aviators: A nice set of Ray-Bans will set you back close to $140. Get an imitation (pictured) for six bucks at Forever 21.

4. Hair pieces: A floral piece from Betsey Johnson goes for $60. Forever 21, again, six dollars.

5. The color block dress: We’re talking upwards of $90 at Macy’s for this stylish formalist outfit. Delia’s will give you a deal at about $40.

6. The flannel boyfriend shirt: Check out Urban Outfitters for a $20 version (pictured), a nice price reduction from the like at Delia’s, $40.

7. Masculine suit jacket: The spring business attire will cost you upwards of $100 at Anthropologie. Try a comparable style at Kohl’s for $30.