‘What the hell?’ How two shady-looking kids made it backstage at The Fray concert

Mike Farrell

(Andrew Greene contributed to this article)

It turns out you didn’t need to buy a ticket to get into Sunday night’s concert with The Fray at the TD Bank Sports Center. Hell, you could have even had backstage passes the whole time.

To preface the story, I had been put in touch with the members of We Shot the Moon earlier that day, as the band needed a drum kit and some amps for the show at TD Bank. I obliged, and after a few phone calls with their manager and lead singer, the band was all set to show up and grab the gear.

My roommate Andrew and I ended up driving up to the venue with them, leading a convoy of three cars loaded with equipment past the security checkpoint. The standing guard waved us on, despite my attempt to stop and let him know what we were doing.

Oddly enough, pulling into the loading area behind the basketball arena, we were finally stopped by an unmarked car. Inside sat a man and a young girl, neither of whom were wearing anything related to Quinnipiac security and did not identify themselves as such. After informing them that yes, there was an opening band, we were finally cleared to drop off the equipment. When we left the arena, the car was nowhere to be seen.

Cut to a few hours later. Andrew picks me up from work at 9 p.m. and I send a text to Jonathan from We Shot the Moon, telling him we’re ready to come grab our gear, as per a previous agreement. After getting no response for twenty minutes, we decided to just drive up ourselves and deal with security, hoping they’d let us back up to the loading area.

Sure enough, they did. Or rather, nobody stopped us. Security was absolutely nowhere to be found, which we both found weird. Stranger still was the fact that the door to the backstage area of the basketball arena was propped open with a tire pump. There was no one stopping us from waltzing in behind the stage and catching very literally the last note of The Fray’s set.

To paint a picture, we looked sketchy. Andrew was wearing his usual black beanie and wrinkled clothes from the night before. I was looking pretty homely myself, having driven home from Brooklyn only a few hours before all of this transpired. If you saw us backstage grabbing equipment, you probably would want to see some credentials, which we did not have. Nobody from security saw us pre-show, either.

After hanging out backstage for another 30 minutes after the end of the show and packing up all our equipment, security finally approached us. Six security guards, to be exact, with SPB Mainstage Chair Megan Doyle and a few other students. At this point, if we hadn’t been waiting around for the members of We Shot the Moon, we could have been long gone with a car full of thousands of dollars of musical equipment that may or may not have belonged to us.

In conclusion, what the hell? Even when six security guards finally addressed us, none of them actually said anything to us. I dealt exclusively with Megan Doyle, who then let them know that we were technically authorized to be there. Even then, they just sort of stood around.

We were both pretty amazed that security is quick to assault sleeping students on questionable grounds, but are scarce to question anyone who is clearly trespassing during a major event. For something as high-profile as a concert at the TD Bank Sports Center, two students shouldn’t be able to just walk in the back door and hang out around the venue for almost an hour without being confronted.