Shoeless students walk for awareness

Amy Maciejowski

Perhaps it is a good idea to think twice when putting on shoes.

Quinnipiac students took part in an event sponsored by TOMS Shoes on April 8 called One Day Without Shoes to experience the difficulties of being without shoes.

Throughout the day, Quinnipiac students attended class, ate lunch, lounged on the Quad and did other activities while barefoot.

“I think owning a pair of shoes, or multiple shoes for that matter, is something a lot of QU students take for granted,” said senior Megan Scully, creator of the Facebook event for Quinnipiac’s One Day Without Shoes.  “It isn’t something that is publicized very often, but millions of people walk around barefoot everyday. I wanted to bring this unique event to campus to raise awareness for TOMS Shoes and their cause.”

This event was based on TOMS, a shoe company with the motto “One for One.”  For every pair of shoes that is bought through TOMS, it will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need.

Many children throughout the world do not have enough money to buy shoes, and are consequently more susceptible to soil-transmitted diseases as well as cuts and sores.  Also, schools in these developing countries will not allow children to attend if they are barefoot.

“There is no comparison in feeling a little uncomfortable after having one day of wearing no shoes, and being a small vulnerable child going barefoot day after day,” junior Erin Clark said. “It really makes you think, and have great appreciation for all that you are blessed with having.”

The event was advertised solely on Facebook, and with more than 500 who chose to “attend,” supporters were a little disappointed with the outcome.

“It seemed like people didn’t want to go the whole day without shoes,” said junior Matt Hudak.  “Working in admissions, I did my tour without shoes and the prospective families loved the idea. I just wish I saw more people around campus participating.”

Many who participated in this event felt the same way about the benefits of this type of active helping.

“I didn’t really face any major difficulties, besides a little discomfort towards the end of the day,” Clark said. “Plus, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, so that helped out a lot. If it was raining, I still would have probably done it. It’s just water, right?”

Students can visit to read more about the cause, buy a pair of shoes as part of their “One for One” campaign, or learn how to participate in the organization’s endeavors.