Confessions of an NYC intern

Jenny Connell

I’m a junior communications student studying print journalism and I travel into New York City twice a week. I was terrified when I first accepted this internship because of the time commitment, and the fact that I didn’t know anything about the city. I had never ridden the subway alone before the first day of work. I bought a subway map and memorized the commute in fear that I wouldn’t keep up with the rush of people sprinting on and off of trains.

As of today I have completed 88 hours at The Knot, a wedding magazine. My title is the “Editorial Intern” which means I copy edit and fact check articles, research for hours, act as a messenger to and from photo shoots and anything else that the editors need. On my first day of work I had the daunting task of organizing the “issues closet” which stores every single issue of the 17 districts across the United States for The Knot Magazine, The Knot Regional, The Nest and The Bump. Suffice it to say on my first day I learned never to wear high heels to work.

It was a hard transition for me to go from sweatpants and class to waking up at 5:30 a.m. to get ready for over two hours of commuting to work in a suit with makeup on. At the end of the day on the train, I look around at everyone else who just went through the same eight-hour day, and I think, ‘How do they do this every morning for years?’ My advice is to bring an iPod and put a movie on it.

When leaving work, I walk seven blocks to the nearest subway with an air of confidence and independence. I remind myself that this is a great opportunity, and I board the train to go home.

Can you afford it?

  • It is $37 roundtrip from Union Station in New Haven to Grand Central on peak hours.
  • Parking at New Haven costs $1 per hour or $11 for an entire day. Remember Quinnipiac shuttles don’t start running until noon!
  • If your office isn’t located within walking distance of Grand Central, then a MetroCard is a must! Each time you enter the subway, it’s a flat fee of $2.25.