Style Corner: Suiting up

Sarah Rosenberg

For the students of Quinnipiac University, this has certainly been one of the most epic weeks of weather in a long time. We have been deprived of that much-needed sunlight; our skin is thirsty for some tan. As I have already seen, many have been unafraid to shed some clothes in favor of bathing outside their dorms. It may be a little early for beach garb, but the smell of warmer weather is clearly in the air. New weather demands new swimsuits, especially when you’ve been wearing the same one since your junior year of high school. Not to point any fingers, but, I am one of those people who have been sporting the coveted bikini for far too long.

If you think you need to wear a bikini to be trendy at the waterfront, you are terribly mistaken. Fashion’s top designers have cultivated some interesting one-piece suits that can be just as stunning and eye-catching as the often-dreaded two-piece suit. Slimming suits cut in the halter-top style are all over the place, alongside one-piece suits that reveal skin at the sides and the hips, accentuating curves for women with more of an hourglass shape. The details on such one-piece bathing suits have also gotten more intriguing—intricate clasps and jewels can be found in the center of the suit to play up the material. Embellishments on the lining, zipper details, metallic sheen, and electric neon hues have been spotted from Victoria’s Secret to Macy’s department stores.

The ‘40s pin up girl-style style of bathing suits has also been increasingly predominant during swimsuit season. The look is not revealing, yet it is demure and flirty for those not interested in showing too much skin. The swimsuit is form-fitting, covering the breast as well as a good portion of the thigh. The most popular prints for these bathing suits are fitting for the time periods in which they were conceived: florals, sailor stripes and bold polka dots. Some styles from the Victoria’s Secret 2010 line include criss-crossing in the back, ruching details, and a couple of models with skirted bodices.

For those who still count themselves as bikini-lovers, details and styles for this category are limitless. Perhaps my favorite design for a bikini top is that of the bandeau, similar to a sweetheart top. The bandeau top has been a top choice for consumers for a while, including myself. The top is modern, gives support and is an adorable alternative to the conventional string bikini. A lot of times, bandeau tops are also adorned with clasps or ring details in the center. Animal prints, geometric prints, stripes, polka dots, beading, and solid coloring are always available for the bandeau top.

Tankinis are the No. 1 middle-ground between the one-piece bathing suit and the bikini. The most important feature that I have noticed in the tankini is the top. The “tank top” in the set usually seems to be made of extreme patterns, lots of colors or interesting designs. The allowance of an eye-catching top gives the wearer comfort and confidence without having to resort to either extremes: a potentially constricting one-piece or a too-flashy bikini. Again, animal prints are popular for this style, as well as paisley and floral prints.