Every day is Valentine’s Day with self-love

Neha Seenarine, Staff Writer

When Valentine’s Day creeps around, it can be a lonely time of the year if you don’t have a significant other. However, it doesn’t have to be if you make it a day for yourself.

Design by Michael Clement

Valentine’s Day is invasive to your personal life. Who cares if you have a significant other? Companies selling chocolate bars in red packaging with hearts on them certainly do not. If businesses can profit off the couples in the United States once a year, that is great for them. The benefit of seasonal candy is that it is discounted the day after. Feb. 15. That is the real holiday here.

I do not mean to sound like a Valentine’s Day Grinch. It is great if there is someone special in your life. However, not everyone is in the love boat, and that is fine. It can be frustrating going to your local grocery store for milk and seeing hundreds of teddy bears while you are passing through. The seasonal products cannot be avoided, and there is a feeling of being left out. However, there is no rule saying you have to buy something for someone else. You deserve to treat yourself because you are the only person you need.

There is a constant chase for love. We see it everywhere in movies, books and even video games. It is exhausting to see that even the action movies have a love storyline. These plotlines spread the message that happiness comes from someone else. However, that is not true. You do not need to actively search for a significant other when searching for happiness.

Love does not come manifesting it over and over. You do not need to watch tarot card videos or look for validation from others you might be interested in. The secret to potentially meeting someone special is becoming that person. You should treat yourself the way you would want to be treated. You should prioritize loving and spending time with yourself. Alone time is OK when you are comfortable. It is nice knowing you got your own back. The idea of needing something only pushes it further from you.

You have to pour love into yourself and attract what you need. It is important not to depend on someone else for your own happiness. Valentine’s Day can be spent alone. You can do something nice for yourself like baking cookies or getting a new haircut. Valentine’s Day should not be the only time for self-appreciation. It is important to appreciate the wonderful things about yourself.

Here are a few recommendations for making your self-care Valentine’s Day as great as possible.

  1. Watch a Movie – As much as romantic comedies may be the enemy here, they are pretty great. My favorite is “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” which shows that even Matthew McConaughey struggles at love.
  2. Take a shopping trip – You can leave your room and go to your favorite store. Make a list of some things you might need or want. You don’t have to buy anything andIf home decor makes you happy, take selfies with all the mirrors.
  3. Get Crafty – Many stores sell craft-kits for Valentine’s Day. You can buy one and make a cute card that says, “I love me.”
  4. Be your own date – You should take yourself to lunch. Maybe not dinner — restaurant wait-times can be long. If you can’t go out to eat, cook it yourself. You will feel both accomplished and satisfied with your favorite dish.
  5. Get fancy – If you look great, you will feel great! You can throw on your favorite outfit you’ve been saving in your closet and take yourself out. You deserve to feel as awesome as you are on the inside.