Halloween fun: COVID-19 style

Spooky activities that can be enjoyed virtually

Stephanie Suarez, Contributing Writer

Although 2020 may have taken away many activities and traditions, that will not be the case for Halloween this year. Just because there won’t be trick-or-treating or in-person parties, it doesn’t mean Halloween is canceled. So throw on your costume, whip out your bag of candy, pull out your pumpkin carving tools and open up Zoom because Halloween 2020 will be virtual this year. 

Graphic by Jennifer McCue

1. Halloween costume contest

Calling all friends, families and even pets. Create a virtual contest with categories such as funniest costume, the best group costume, pop culture and more. To make it more entertaining and competitive, plan some surprises and incentives such as gift cards, food delivery or Halloween-themed baskets. 


2. Pumpkin carving or decorating competition

Carving a pumpkin is a great fall tradition, but it may be a little more complicated in the dorms. If you have the space for pumpkin carving, there’s always the original jack-o-lantern. A twist on the classic could be a silly or scary pumpkin face. If pumpkin carving isn’t an option, there are some decorating tools that can be used to create outside-of-the-box styles. Using some glue and glitter, you can create some spider webs, your initials or a combination of fall colors. With paint, the options are endless from famous characters to phrases that speak for themselves. 


3. Haunted house tour

One of the biggest traditions in my town is a reverse haunted house where all the elements of a haunted house are outside. This event would happen annually, and it was amazing because the theme would change every year. Unfortunately because of COVID-19, the reverse haunted house is canceled. Luckily there are organizations and companies who are making their horror attractions virtual. The Winchester Mystery House, where Sarah Winchester constantly renovated her home to avoid spirits haunting her, offering virtual tours. Winchester was left alone after her only child and husband passed away. With so much time on her hands, she became involved in the medium and mentalist life with the hopes of speaking with her family. The Paris Catacombs might be one of the scariest locations on Earth because they are tunnels filled with skeletons underneath the city. Now people can enjoy the Catacombs from the comfort of their room without the crowds of tourists and real-life creepiness. The town of Salem is offering virtual tours of the location famous for the witch trials that occurred in the 17th century. You can witness the stories from history class come to life right before your eyes. Although these attractions can’t be enjoyed in person, a virtual tour helps keep the Halloween spirit alive. 

Photo from WikiCommons


4. Movie Marathon

Perhaps some people want to spend a casual night watching Netflix. If that’s the case, then here are some movie recommendations to enjoy with friends. 

  • “Scream”: This movie holds a special place in my heart as it was the first horror movie I ever watched. In the small town of Woodsboro, California, high school students are stalked and murdered. The only logical thing to do is hold a giant party where Ghostface is running wild on the loose. The best twist is when the killer is revealed. 

“Scream” is available to rent or purchase on iTunes

  • “Scary Movie” series: This one is great for people who can watch mild horror movies because it’s a parody of many famous scary movies. It’s a cinematic masterpiece because every horror movie cliche you can imagine is probably in the series. The best part is you don’t have to watch all of them.
  • Photo from PX Fuel

The “Scary Movie” series is spread out on different platforms, but “Scary Movie 3” is available on Hulu + Live TV and “Scary Movie 5” is on Netflix. 

  • “Zombieland”:  This one isn’t a traditional Halloween movie, but what it lacks in the genre makes up for with Jesse Eisenburg, Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone. The world has become overrun by zombies, and a few survivors come together in hopes of finding a safe-haven free of zombies. 

“Zombieland” is available on Hulu + Live TV

It might seem like there is no chance of an enjoyable Halloween this year because of COVID-19, but there are ways to safely enjoy the holiday without putting ourselves and others at risk. If we have learned anything this year, it’s how to become even more creative with our celebrations. Be safe and have a happy Halloween!