Seven ways to clean up your midterm grades

Catherine Boudreau

Midterms are here, and accompanied by lots of stress and tons of work. There are many different ways to get through next week without pulling all nighters or being the victim of a panic attack. Here are a few tips…

Start Studying Now! By spreading out the time you need to study for each subject, you won’t have to worry about pulling an all-nighter. Make flash cards early, rewrite notes and take an hour each day to really focus on that one subject. If you plan on studying longer than one hour, be sure to take breaks in between.

Form Study Groups. This can be a fun way to get your brain working. Everyone can feed off of each other’s ideas and you can get help from a classmate who understands certain aspects of the subject more than you do. You can learn a lot from other students.

Take advantage of the Learning Center. The Learning Center is open Sunday through Friday and the tutors support almost 400 courses. All you have to do is go to Tator Hall 119 and sign up for an appointment. “My grades have improved a lot this semester, and I feel much more prepared going into midterms because of the help I have received there,” freshman Katie Aries said.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast. The morning of the midterm, no matter how early it might be, make sure to grab something to eat. Food keeps you energized, and the more energy the better. Don’t bring food to the exam. It could take your focus off of the test in front of you.

If you don’t need your computer, don’t study with it. It happens to the best of us. We’re supposed to be studying chemistry, but find ourselves studying someone’s Facebook profile instead. By forgoing your laptop while you study, you will most likely find you get more work done than usual.

De-stress. Take a few deeps breaths and relax. Try taking a walk. Drinking herbal tea is also a good way to distress. Make sure it is caffeine-free, (honey, sugar, milk, etc. will add caffeine) and drink a cup before you go to bed the night before the exam.

Do Something Fun. Devoting every waking hour to studying will actually be more of an overexposure than a help. Go to the movies, get some friends to go to dinner, or play a game or sport you love to catch a break from all the work.