QU MUSIC ‘embarrassed’ by turnout

Matt Busekroos

QU MUSIC chair Tabor Chichakly is pissed off.

Following the Haiti benefit concert co-sponsored by QU MUSIC and Alpha Phi Omega (APO), which raised $200, he told The Chronicle that there was “no excuse” for Quinnipiac students to not attend.

“It was honestly an embarrassment not only for us as groups, but for the entire school,” Chichakly said. “One of my friends made a good point the other day: the only way to get students at this school up and off the couch is for alcohol.”

Chichakly acknowledges this is not the entire Quinnipiac population, but a vast majority.

“College is what you make [of] it,” he said. “I feel like people really do want to get involved and would actually have a good time if they could put the effort in.”

Photo credit: Charlotte Greene

Bryan Gee and members of Alpha Phi Omega, a community service organization on campus, organized the benefit concert for Haiti in order to help relief efforts. QU MUSIC joined the program when approached about bringing in live music.

“A large part of QU MUSIC is trying to broaden the horizons of the students on campus, so more bands means a little more variety,” Chichakly said. “I contacted QU MUSIC’s booking agent, Sal Salemme, and told him we had a priority bill to book and he went to work contacting people. Luckily, he managed to get in touch with Call 2 Consciousness, who were recently on tour, and were glad to play the gig.”

QU MUSIC and APO donated all proceeds from the concert to the Red Cross.

“We decided to choose the Red Cross because the Red Cross was a well known and established organization that we knew would not try to turn a disaster such as that into a way to earn a cheap buck,” Chichakly said.

The benefit concert raised further awareness for those suffering loss in Haiti.

“The concert was a good time and a fun way to bring students together for a good cause,” freshman Krystle Bernier said. “Not only did it bring those passionate about relief in one room, but attracted those who may not have been as informed.”