BSU brings Apollo feel

Ebony Walmsley

In celebration of National Black History Month, Quinnipiac University has a month’s worth of events and celebrations planned for students and faculty on campus. On Saturday, Feb. 13, Quinnipiac’s Black Student Union (BSU) hosted Apollo Night.

Many students came out to show their wide variety of talents such as singing, dance and even yo-yoing.  The event, which featured 12 acts and at least 100 guests, raised more than $300. Half of the profit will going to a charity of the group’s choice.

“My favorite part of Apollo Night was probably watching the acts perform,” said junior Delene Cort, a member of BSU.  “It takes a lot for students to get up on stage and showcase their talent in front of an audience.”

The poet Kesed was on hand to host the evening and provided the audience with laughs throughout the entire night.  Kesed also performed his poetry for Quinnipiac students.

“Not only were the acts rich in number, but [they were] rich in talent,” said BSU President Shana Bennett, a senior.  “They all had something different to bring to the table.”

The winners of the evening were Quanita Jones and Theresa Wagner.  Jones sang an a capella version of Alicia Keys’ “Superwoman,” and Wagner performed a lyrical dance with her.

“I thought about singing ‘Superwoman’ last year, but didn’t learn the words in time, and then for this year about three of my friends suggested me singing it,” Jones said.

Wagner also played a big part in the night’s winning performance.

“I ended up running into Theresa one day, and she had the idea that I sing a capella and she dance, and we brainstormed songs and came up with ‘Superwoman,’” Jones said.